What after the retirement?

02-03-2005, 11:54 AM
What has happened to the old tennis bigger and smaller stars? Have they been succesfull or have they failed. How do they cope with regular life? We hear about Borg's and Becker's problems, but I guess most of them should do better than that. Do you guys know any such stories. The best ever player from Poland - Wojtek Fibak - seems to be doing quite fine collecting art, doing some excellent commentary, travelling around the globe... What about the others?

02-03-2005, 12:16 PM
motasek, I bet MTFers have a bunch of stories about ex-players. A few years ago I learned about a man named Donald Dell. He was the US Davis Cup captain in 1968. He became a successful lawyer and started the Washington, DC, tournament. Today the tournament is called the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. You can read about it here:


You can learn more about Donald Dell here:


02-03-2005, 12:32 PM
Yannick Noah is doing fine these days:

2003: 10th best income among French singers with 700 K€
2004: 8th best income among French singers with 2.1 M€, 4th best selling album


02-03-2005, 01:11 PM
Yanich Noah is still singing???!! i thought it was just a hobby... well good for him!

Guillermo Vilas has his own museum in his home town, Mar del Plata, he also became the number one mosqueteer regarding the defense of the Argentinean Davis Cup Team which has been trashed a lot of times. He still plays at the senior circuit , tried some singing (thank god he really did this as a hobby and stopped right after his first album!!!). He became a business man and he's quite succesfull.

Christian Minusi, another argentinean tennis player is now , along with Martin Jaite, one of the heads of the local international tournament organization.

Javier Frana works at ESPN making comments of all tennis matches for latin america and also has his "how to play tennis" flashes.
José Luis Clerc has his own ESPN show teaching tennis and he's also into comments for special events, i think he stills plays the senior circuit.
Horacio de la Peña is coaching Chile's david cup team with quite a noise because Chiles govermente wants to give him the nationality and tennis players like Ríos are opposing the decision claiming is not necessary to do so , he can still coach the team from the outside.

Well Gaby Sabatini has her own perfum company, her sport line and she bacem a huge sucessfull business lady... if you check her site you can even have a look at gaby's day by day agenda! :toothy:

02-03-2005, 01:24 PM
Yanich Noah is still singing???!! i thought it was just a hobby... well good for him! :toothy:
He doesn't have a fantastic voice but believe me he's a model of reconversion: he led France as a captain to 2 Davis Cup in 1991 (against Agassi, Sampras) and 1996 (against Edberg, Enqvist, Bjorkman), and one Fed Cup in 1997.
He's started the hard way his singing career with empty concerts, but he didn't give up and then worked with big names in France (Goldman, Farmer).
He's also doing a great job with fundations and helping kids of poor suburbs to play tennis... really a great guy IMO :worship:

02-03-2005, 01:50 PM
a great guy doesn't mean a great singer, i wasn't sure about the second, the first one was already proven millions of times with his work...he's my favourite freanch tennis player of all times...
It's hard to try to make a concert with no audience so , again, i'm glad for him, he persued and accomplished his dream

02-03-2005, 02:59 PM
Some of the old player play on the Delta Tour of Champion for example:

John McEnroe
Jim Courier
Thomas Muster
Sergi Bruguera
Richard Krajicek
Mats Wilander
Boris Becker
Guy Forget
Goran Ivanisevic
Michael Stich
Pat Cash
Emilio Sanchez
Henri Leconte
Omar Camporese
Mikael Pernfors
João Cunha Silva