How big is Davis Cup compared to other nations' cups in sports?

04-05-2013, 06:11 PM
I was wondering this, how big is DC in importance compared to other nations' cups in sports?

Tennis being an individual sport (or pair in doubles), a team event feels a bit artificial (Even though I like DC a lot.) And with four-man teams, it doesn't feel as much of a team event as e.g. football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, or ice hockey nations' cups. But how important is it compared to those?

As a Finn, I can't say much about that. Group I or II are mentioned in sports news and sometimes a TV channel streams them in internet, but that's all. It's probably less coverage than volleyball or basketball national teams get for their major championship qualy matches. But when watching other countries' matches, I don't root as much for the countries than e.g. in football, basketball, or volleyball, but more for the players. With four-man teams, the title feels more individual for the players as in e.g. football with over 20 players. Argentina is one of the few countries I root for in DC, and this weekend's ARG-FRA tie is tough for me; I hope Argentina, the nation, wins DC but I'd also love those Frech players to win DC.