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NZ player performances

Human Washington
01-15-2005, 02:01 PM
Unfortunately NZ number on Nielsen lost to Starace 6-4, 6-4
Then Nielsen complained hard: "I felt I played quite well. It's hard when you practise for three or four weeks with New Zealand guys and then go out there and play against the world's best. It's a big jump up."

He had a similar rant when he mouthed off about Simon Rea after last years Davis Cup relegation play-off in Pakistan.

GD Jones was dealt a whipping at the hands of Zabaleta. reported :" Aucklander and second wildcard G. D. Jones was the third Kiwi to have his wings clipped and despite losing 0-6 2-6 to Argentine Marianc Zabaleta drummed up plenty of home-crowd support in his first open appearance. "

Nielsen had a bit of a go at the young NZ tennis players of the future:
"There are a few young guys out there who have got talent...The biggest problem with living here in New Zealand is trying to get the kids to understand what they have to do and how they have to think, how hard they have to work to actually get as good as out there."

He said "common sense" and "discipline" were also missing.

"Professionalism is lacking. I think they have to go overseas. I think they have to go and really sink or swim."

Nielsen – who now spends much of his year playing and training in Japan – said he would continue playing in and for New Zealand and would like to be back at the Auckland international next year.

"The way I see it is I'm still No. 1 and the young guys have to step up and beat me. If they're not good enough to ... beat me I'll just keep on coming year after year."

01-16-2005, 04:50 AM
I understand Nielsen is the #1 ranked singles player in New Zealand and such, but doesn't he seem to talk a lot of "smack" for not really having that many good results? With that said, perhaps there is a real lackage of professionalism within the younger ranks in New Zealand. I don't have the first hand knowledge. I mean Simon Rea was mainly a fairly solid American college player, but he threw in the towel (from what I understand) because the results simply weren't happening.