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01-14-2005, 07:44 AM
-- Nothing happened. Seb came to watch Oliver Patience play his first Qualies match but that was basically it.

-- Prazz and I got photos with James Blake and Julien Benneteau who were training together. Also got photo with Paulo

-- Watched Oliver Patience vs Eduard Roger-Vasselin. Seb and Richard came to watch for like 5 minutes. Walked after Seb and Richard after they went off, but i didnt know what to say to them so missed a photo opportunity.

--Saw Richard and his coach walking around quite a bit and kept asking them about whether Seb and Arnaud will be training. Arnauds still in Sydney so no, and apparently Seb isnt even training at Melbourne Park but at another location. Thats so weird, why would he be training somewhere else?!

Thats basically it. Ended up seeing quite a few people along the way, but annoyed at myself that i didnt catch up with Seb and have a chat. Maybe i'll have more guts when Rach comes tomorrow.

01-14-2005, 08:26 AM
i thought i should add my thoughts and actions of the day as well:

- to start off with, we watched blake and benneteau practice together. they were on the court next to JC who was training with Guillermo Garcia-Lopez so we alternated watching each court
- like esther said we got a photo with blake (he seems so sweeet awww) and benneteau (i managed to stammer out in my poor crappy french that we wanted a photo with him - he was already posing because he got the idea before i'd finished my sentence - how degrading lol)
- we went to go back to watch JC except he had disappeared
- went seb hunting to realise that Patience vs Roger-Vasselin was going to play soon and we thought we might see Seb there
- saw Paulo, Mutis (who was smoking ugh i thought he was supposed to be a healthy athlete), and Benneteau who came to watch Patience vs Roger-Vasselin
- they all left after the first set and I wanted a photo with Paulo so Esther and I ran after him and asked him - and mutis was just watching and i felt bad so we asked him to join in the photo
- we then went seb hunting (AGAIN) but didn't see him but i got a sms from kat (thankyou my dear) that JC was watching Guillermo Garcia-Lopez so i went to check him out a bit (for those who want to know he was decked out in a yellow sleeveless top with sunnies looking very very cas - he went out for a while we thought he'd disappeared again but he ended up on the other side. it was amazing he looked so cas and non-tennisy that he wasn't disturbed when he wasn't with his coaches [he had either taken off or tucked in his accreditation])
- found out that while i was perving on JC that seb and richard were at Patience vs Roger-Vasselin and I was a bit bummed that I missed out on the opportunity of seeing them
- esther was camping outside one of the player's entrances waiting for seb to come out and i saw monfils and decided i wanted to watch him - it was awesome coz for a while it was just me and this other guy (who was on the other side) so i was pretty undisturbed - it was pretty gross though coz thierry champion took off his top and all esther (When she came) and i wanted was for him to put it back on hehe
- then i saw richard coming and i tried ringing esther and liz but my phone was screwing up saying that they were both unavailable and i was getting anxious coz i didn't want him to leave so i was keeping a close eye on him - and then when esther came she didn't want to run after him so i just went and asked him for a photo by myself
- then after that we realised we hadn't asked about arnaud and we were embarrased to go back and ask coz we'd just spoken to his coach and him before - but eventually we went and his coach talked to us (he said that arnaud was going to be in melbourne that day and practice around 5 which we now know is a lie because firstly i didn't see him and secondly he just won his doubles so he wouldn't be in melbourne in the first place hahaha) while richie just spoke on his phone to someone or other
- after that we went back to monfils trainign - while he was having a break thierry was just hitting some balls and he hit them into the fence and i wasn't looking at him but talking instead and in my peripheral view, i thought the ball was going to hit me so i flinched and thierry and gael laughed and thierry said "oh sorry, pay attention eh!" - we stayed there til the end and were going to get a photo but didn't, but we asked thierry champion where arnaud was and he said that he would probably come late tonight (once again this is not true because arnaud is still in sydney coz he won lol - these frenchies should just say they don't know because they send esther and i on a wild goose chase)
- basically after that not much really happened. paulo was training at the same time as gael and they finished at the same time so i couldn't see him train unfortunately. esther left but i wanted to see nadal. he was practicing in vodafone arena where the public weren't allowed so i had to wait for him to come out and go into the players area. when i saw him i sprinted down to catch him. last year he and JC Ferrero both signed my "Armada Espanola" tshirt but they both scribbled so badly that i couldn't recognise anything. i tried comparing them to my other JC one to see if i could recognise but i couldn't so i wanted to ask rafa which one was his. all these little kids were surrounding him and i actually couldn't see him at first because he was bending down signing for them. i was so upset i thought he'd walked in alreayd but then kat (who was with me) pointed to him - i actually felt a bit stupid after that coz he was only a metre away from him and i'm going "where is he? i can't see him!". then he started to walk off and i yelled to him "rafael" then basically just showed him my shirt and said you signed this last year which one is your's and he said (pointing to it) "this one". i wanted a photo but seriously he RAN off so on terms of his ability to sprint away from me i think he's feeling much better! i wanted to check how he was but like i said he ran away - i think he was afraid of more little kids coming (i'm trying to deny the fact that maybe he was afraid of me!!)

that's about it
more to follow tomorrow i hope

01-14-2005, 08:35 AM
wow i didn't realise it was going to be that long!

01-14-2005, 08:47 AM
lol~~~!! reports already!! you girls are doing v. well!!!

01-14-2005, 08:48 AM
PHOTOS. PM me if you'd like to see any of the ones with me in them. Thanks :)

01-14-2005, 09:04 AM
haha kat yeah where are all your reports? from adelaide, sydney, auckland and today - you've got a lot of writing to do!!!!! :P

01-14-2005, 09:25 AM
>>> prazz! they're all at my JC site! ;)

01-14-2005, 09:40 AM
Thx for this really nice reportsand pics, its always cool to read them!!
I wonder why this stupid thierry didn't tell u the truth...

Esther, hope you'll see Arnaud very soon ;)

01-14-2005, 04:47 PM
merci merci merci les filles for these great reports, and giid pics, it's like if we were in Melbourne, soo coooll. After a bad day like this one for me, it's good to read that :worship: :hug:

01-14-2005, 06:32 PM
Wa-hooooo!!! Love the stories, (wheres the Benet pics???) and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olivier pics.

Living vicariously through your reports, keep up the good work!

01-14-2005, 07:15 PM
haha kat ok i'll go check them out - coz i know you'd hate to have to tell me every thing because i ask even the minor minor details hehe

forgot to add - when i got the photo with richard i asked him if he was feeling better and he shook his hand sort of thing in a manner indicating he's feeling pretty average - :( i hope he'll get better

01-14-2005, 07:56 PM
he shook his hand sort of thing in a manner indicating he's feeling pretty average

I'd rather say...a manner meaning the thing without having to say it in english ;)

richard gasquet
01-14-2005, 08:35 PM
thank you very very much for this great report and this beautiful picture of richard :) he seems to be in good health, hope he will be fit for the AO :clap2:

you are so lucky!!!enjoy!!!!! :wavey:

01-14-2005, 08:42 PM
Pics with Bennet' and Paulo are absolutly lovely (I don't count Mutis :rolleyes: )

aahhh paulo smiling... :hearts:

01-14-2005, 09:12 PM
Marine I got LOTS of pics of Paulo fear not my Frenchie friend!!

(Did I say this already? I don't even remember)

01-14-2005, 09:20 PM
"Fear" ? :confused: I don't understand...

01-15-2005, 07:26 PM
great photos. i love the richard one

01-15-2005, 10:05 PM
i'm afraid i don't have much to report... i had a particularly rotten day yesterday, starting from the morning when i didn't wake up in time for the melbourne flight :(

my only achievement perhaps was to run into seb before everybody else (ie. his fans) i got an autograph, and asked him if he's going to play doubles (with arnaud in mind) and he replied, 'i do not play doubles'. great, i know that.... :rolleyes:

the courts were much emptier than i thought... i definitely believe that there are some 'private courts' that players practised on without us prying on them... think there must be some 200 players needing to practise, and i didn't see the bulk of them... only some spaniards, some frenchies (eg paulo :) ) but of course the men qualifiers were playing.

01-15-2005, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the reports everyone. Hopefully I'll have my own to add later next week!

Sorry to hear about your rotten day Via. :( I hope everything gets better for you from here.

01-15-2005, 10:20 PM
don't know if this is the place to say this ... but i wanna to say a big THANKS to esther and other girls (prazz, rachael, liz....) who have made my day yesterday a lot brighter than it would've been, lol.......... esther literally picked (a rather lost) me up on a melbourne street, showed me how to ride on a melbourne train ;) ...... and played guide around melbourne park as well!!! (rather different from what it was in 1999) all the girls have been very nice and sweet!!!!!!!! a big :yeah:

01-15-2005, 10:22 PM
thanks sammy..... i suppose i should be more contented, coz marine will surely object (probably wants to swap place with rotten me too, lol)

01-16-2005, 01:25 AM
ok i wrote a report of yesterday and it's really really really long - i don't understand how i write them so long when i feel like i've done nothing the whole day? i typed it in word in size 12 font and it's 3 1/2 pages - it's HUGE and i will paste it here but if people find it too long i can edit it and cut it down!

01-16-2005, 01:25 AM
Report from the quallies on Saturday 15th Jan:

I’m finding it really hard to remember what we did yesterday except I felt very embarrassed. I got there at around 10:45 and I decided I’d have a scout around just to see who was there and then decide where I wanted to hang out. But I saw a relatively big crowd (as in bigger than the courts surrounding it which actually had matches on) and I realised it was the same court that JC had been practicing on the day before so I was fairly sure it was him coz he can draw a crowd as well. And lo and behold it was him – and what do you know? – Kat was there as well!!! What a surprise (not). So I just watched him for a bit because Kat said she hadn’t spotted anyone else around the other courts – and to be quite honest I’m not complaining if I have to watch JC. Phill came late (again) and he immediately proceeded to take a billion photos! Then when JC was leaving I was tempted to ask for a photo but thought against it coz I felt a bit stupid – I think he’s probably one of the only people who can really make me feel star-struck (the other probably being Rafa – what is this power that the Spanish have?). But we ended up walking right behind JC as he was walking towards the players entrance and he was taking all these photos with people and I was really tempted, but still too shy, so Phill got frustrated with me being torn between two minds so he just grabbed my arm and we rann following JC and Phill asked him for me – if facial expressions are what to go by, JC thought I was so odd (Embarrassing moment #1). Only problem was that I’d given my camera to Kat and so I was looking at Kat and JC was looking at Phill and Kat wasn’t able to take it so Phill took it and I wasn’t looking at the camera. Bummer!

Ooh also, while we were watching JC I saw Jarkko Nieminen (he was with Robin Soderling) and I knew that Kat’s a fan so I hit her (I hope not too hard – sorry Kat), and so I got to see a bit of his warm up. I love watching players warm up because they do all these exercises which require quite agile light delicate movements (so as not to strain anything quickly) but they’re all so big and muscly that it looks really funny!!!

I went around the other side and I couldn’t see anyone – it was SOOOOOOO BORING. Looked at the scoreboard thing and I saw that Patience was going to play on court 8 and GGL on court 6. So I was aiming to see those matches to watch other players who were watching that match hehe I mean I was going to be focused on the match as well but you know…

I decided I’d had enough of the boring side and thought I might go back to see if there was anyone around on the first side I’d been at. On the way there I bumped in to Liz, Nathalia and Phill. Nathalia and I devised a plan to try and spot Rafael Nadal as efficiently as possible. It started to rain so I pulled out my umbrella and just walked about aimlessly as all the quallies play was stopped and a lot of people had stopped practicing. I bumped into some friends who were there because they were going to work at the open and they had a training session and I asked them to also keep on the Rafael Nadal look out (they have accreditation which allows them ACCESS ALL AREAS mwahahhaa). Nat was also with me then and we were so bored that we ended up just sitting outside the players’ entrance praying that some interesting would come.

I can’t exactly remember order of details but somehow we ended up at the other player’s entrance (we were really desperate) on the other side, and we found out (thanks Jane, Lily and Phill) that JC was going to practice again (man, he’s really working hard) but at the same time I saw Patience so I thought I’d follow him for a bit, of course keeping a safe distance so I didn’t look too pathetic. He was going back to his match but I decided I wanted to see JC train instead. Lily and Jane gave their postcard album and some other gifts to JC which were SOOO SWEET and he looked like he really appreciated them. I saw Virginia Ruano-Pascual and I think she is so adorable (her and Paola Suarez are my favourite women’s doubles team) and so I got a quick snap with her. I think she was a little surprised that I knew who she was.

Then while we were watching JC train, Nat and I spotted Richard (in a nice green coloured Diesel jacket and white shorts – looked very nice). JC was training on court 16 and Richard didn’t have any racquets or anything so he didn’t look like he was training but then we saw he just sat on court 18 up the back and played with his phone for while – sending an sms I think. He kept looking at court 20 which was behind him because he was at the top so he could look down (Chela, Blake and some others were training there). He looked a little upset, but for some reason I think he always looks a little like that, and at the stage I didn’t realise he had withdrawn or was going to withdraw (I’m not sure if he withdrew before then and that’s why he was not looking too happy or if it was after and he was just down because he just is). We met up with Esther and Via and together we just sort of stared at Richard and he would stare back and then we’d turn away and laugh and we’d look back realising that he knew that we were looking at, laughing at, talking about him (Embarrassing moment #2). This continued for a while – you’d think we’d learn but obviously not. So embarrassing. And then I decided that I wanted him to sign my France shirt and I stood right underneath him by myself – it’s sort of hard to explain but as I said before if he looked behind him and downish he could see court 20 and so I stood sort of underneath him. Then I realised I was probably blocking his view and so I went to take a seat. I actually got engrossed in the training that was going on, on court 20 that I didn’t even realise Richard left without having signed my shirt. As no one else was with me and the training had stopped on court 20 I decided I’d go back to JC. Before I’d left to go see Richard - Nat, Phill and I had been on the opposite side watching JC compared to most of the crowds so I thought I’d find them all there. So I walked and guess who I walked head-first straight into. Yes that’s right, Richard (Embarrassing moment #3). I wanted the ground to swallow me right there, because I knew that he’d be thinking that I walked into that area because I’d seen him going there, but genuinely I had absolutely NO IDEA that he was there and I really just meant to go find my friends. I said sorry, and was going to apologise profusely but realised he was on the phone and for some reason I could just tell he was on the phone to France. He seemed to be having that pause in between talking and listening if you get what I mean, as in the phone lag? If he was talking to someone in France – I really would hate to see his phone bill. He was on the phone the day before as well, he must love talking (haha yeah that’s a good one…not). So I quickly ran away before he would think anything else and found them all on the other side.

Nathalia was determined to ask Antonio where Rafa was and what he was doing and if he was planning to train at all. She asked how he was and Antonio said that as far as he knew Rafael had recovered from chest pains etc. Tommy Robredo and Dominik Hrbarty (I knowwww weird combination) started training on the same court after JC so we watched that and then went to Guillermo Garcia-Lopez’ match where we felt sure to spot JC. Sure enough, JC came looking very very hot in a whitish grey sleeveless number – pity though that he had it tucked in for a little while – but really the face makes up for everything!!!! We were sitting in the same row as him except he was sitting in a different section and Esther and I kept trying to sneak photos of him and he saw us (Embarrassing moment #4). Then I went to go do some other player hunting – I didn’t want to miss any Frenchies and I just scouted around – on the court behind GGL’s match Mutis and Carraz were hitting and on court 14 Benneteau was just practicing his serves with his coach and that’s it. Michelle - I tried taking some photos but I was the only one there and I didn’t want to look like too much of an idiot.

I was planning to go around to the other side, but I heard GGL’s match had finished and so I ran to meet up with Esther – just got in time to see her take a photo with JC (so hot). She was looking at it afterwards and was saying it wasn’t that good coz it was only their faces and Antonio came up and took her camera and then told JC to wait again and told Esther to take a photo with JC again. He was soooo sweet like he took all this time to try and set up the photo and everything so it looked good. It was so funny, JC was getting all impatient coz Antonio was taking so long. He kept asking if he was done and stuff – Antonio’s so sweet. After that I was just mentioning to Phill it’d be nice to get a photo with JC in the sleeveless shirt after my photo with him had stuffed up. Note to self – never mention anything about JC and photos to Phill because he will find a way to follow through with your plan. So once again Phill and I had the conversation “Go ask him for a photo” “No” “Go” “No” and it once again resulted in Phill grabbing my arm and dragging me to JC and Phill asking for a photo for me (Embarrassing moment #5). I think JC recognised me considering he’d seen me around so much that day and I had ALREADY taken a photo with him. But because he’s such a sweet guy he obliged and took the photo. I am dying to get my hands on that photo!

Basically after that we walked to the other side – I was actually planning on going soon but Esther went to go “collect” Rachel and so I thought I’d wait to say hi! I saw Paulo – his cute curls (which were mostly covered by a hat) rekindled my desire to stay so I watched him for a bit. Esther then came back with a rather large entourage and it was good to see everyone! I checked my phone realised I’d missed a call from Nathalia and so I called her back and she said that she just had just seen Seb and I’ve repeated “Seb?” Big mistake. I could hardly hear a word Nat said after that because I had Esther screaming in my ear, “SEB! SEB! OH MY GOD WHERE IS HE?!” Finally I managed to tell her that we’d missed him and that according to Nat he’d gone into Vodafone Arena. I was still on the phone to her so I asked her if she’d seen Rafael by any chance – unfortunately no – and then suddenly she goes out of the blue while we were talking about something else – “Rafa’s coming!” Much of the next bit was just confusion coz Nat went into this frozen yet hyperactive state so it was quite difficult to get out of her where she actually was. So I ran down to find her and saw Rafael coming so then we composed ourselves and walked to the court he was practicing on.

We ended up just watching him and giggling so much. Nat was crazy, she was shaking and everything hehehe. And then she realised that Verdasco was on the other court training and she remembered she had to get his shirt and she was stressed that they were going to leave at the same time and she had to give Rafael something and get something from Verdasco and so she didn’t want to miss either (but especially didn’t want to miss Rafael). Nadal was wearing the ugly pant short things again but I guess he pulls it off a lot better than any other person would!

We watched Rafael for about an hour and a half, but in my opinion Nathalia provided most of the entertainment :P. When he was having a break, he wiped his face with his shirt, so lifting up his shirt so we could see his stomach. I was obliged to take a photo and unfortunately he saw me (Embarrassing moment #6). Towards the end of Rafael’s practice we saw Fernando Verdasco pass his court because he needed to go to the toilet – his girlfriend followed him and I don’t know if she actually went in the male toilet but I wouldn’t have been surprised. When I saw her she was just standing outside the male toilets as if to guard him – I heard some “interesting” stuff about what she’s like…I’ll just leave it at that!

When Rafael finished, Nat gave him her gift and he truly seemed appreciative. I don’t speak Spanish but he seemed to be saying a lot of “muchas gracias” and even I know what that means so he seemed happy! She also asked him how he was feeling (we’d heard that he’d been feeling not too good) but he said fine so that’s sounding positive! Basically that’s it – he sort of rushed off again. He took some photos with people and I was tempted to ask but like last time he just really wanted to go and I hate keeping players back.

That’s about it. For a fairly boring day that’s a pretty long report. I have learnt now that the excitement at quallies only begins around 3:30 – before that you may see one player or two but it’s not as fun! A lesson well learnt!

01-16-2005, 09:20 AM
don't know if this is the place to say this ... but i wanna to say a big THANKS to esther and other girls (prazz, rachael, liz....) who have made my day yesterday a lot brighter than it would've been, lol.....

Youre welcome Via!!!!!! *hug*

01-16-2005, 09:25 AM
Thanks for doing the report Prazz :) My day was a bit different but yeah was pretty disapointing really. Only thing i'd like to say is that I've been upset coz i've been running after Seb for 3 whole days and the only time i got a glimpse of him yesterday, i was too scared to go and talk to him!!! The worst thing happened yesterday...We dedicated the last like3 hours on Seb hunting after Via caught him (the whole day was Seb hunting, but these hours were full on lol) before he ran off and tried to monitor every players entrance so he couldnt escape... He ended up sneaking off to the ONLY court we forgot to check and JUST missed him *cries* Its not faiiiiirrrrr lol

I'll post a few pictures maybe after tomorrow...Theres no one interesting playing tomorrow, but Tuesday will be BUSY. Wish us luck that we'll catch Arnaud and Seb!!!!

01-16-2005, 10:52 AM
excellent reporting Prazz!!! Antonio is such a cutie!!!

richard gasquet
01-16-2005, 03:03 PM
:lol: PRAZZ your embarrassement moments, players may think that you are a little bit crasy in following them like that,wanting their autographs or shirts but that should have been very nice, your story is very entertaining and cool :yeah:

thanks to share you re AO experience :)

you didnt see Gael Monfils???

01-16-2005, 06:22 PM
Thanks for the great reports, prazz. :D It's nice to know that I'm not the only one writing long journals from tourneys. ;)

Elina :umbrella:

01-17-2005, 05:04 AM
Thanks so much, Prazz! Entertaining reports, girls. Hope that you are still having a blast and don't cause too much trouble!

01-17-2005, 04:07 PM
Nobody at the tournament on monday ??

01-17-2005, 09:26 PM
marine, there wasn't that much frenchie action yesterday......... except for gael's magnificent win over ginepri!!!!! prazz saw the whole match, she had a large flag with her too, and i helped her to wave it for a while. i left after he levelled with the 2nd set... by the time i went back he just couldn't be stopped... the crowd (it was a crowd, given it was only a small outside court) was very pro-monfils (poor american, but....) there were plenty of photographers and even a camera man on hand... when he won he's given the total star treatment, interview, security and all that to exit the court... i couldn't even get an autograph :(

that was probably the only bright moment yesterday, as you know camille lost to serena....... and oh arnaud was watching but i could hardly see him as the player box was on my side of the court, i had to get up and look really hard, lol.... prazz's seat was opposite and should have a much better view, but she came in very late...

i saw a bit of olivier patience as well towards the end but i didn't see it finish (prazz again probaby did!) well as you must have known, he lost too...

prazz will be our eyes and ears from now on, as i'm going home after today (but not after watching seb v mika i hope :( ) esther..... didn't even turn up yesterday :p

01-17-2005, 11:43 PM
Via gets the medal for having to sit through THE most excruciatingly BORING match of 2005. I actually turned the match off, even if it meant missing a possible Nono pan by the camera.

Bummer about Olivier, but I'll just email him and invite him here for some cheering up. (JUST KIDDING!!!!)

01-18-2005, 07:25 AM
Im trying to attach photos (richie paulo patience and seb) but they dont seem to be working i'll have to try later or tomorrow... but heres my report from today

This is basically all about Seb, so if youre not interested in him, then dont bother reading hehe. Today was meant to be all exciting for me because JC, Guillermo, Arnaud and Seb were all playing...Unluckily for me Arnaud and Guille were both on Rod Laver which meant i couldnt get in and JC's match would have been packed. So, it turns out that it would be another day dedicated to our precious Seb.

We got there around an hour before Seb's match against Mika Llodra was going to start to try and catch someone at training, but we didnt have any luck. Rachael (who was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of Seb on it, and i was too), Marcelo, Prazz, Via and myself were lucky enough to get front row seats just behind Seb's chair so we were really close to him!! The only downside was that we didnt get a great view of the match because we were blocked by umbrellas and poles etc. but we could still see what was going on. I was surprised to see that he drew quite a few people...the court was PACKED and there were even some people standing and trying to get in.

Nothing too important to report back from the match...He didnt seem to be in amazing form or anything and he did win comfortably in 3 sets but it wasnt anything spectacular, like the Seb we saw playing here last year. Hopefully it was just a warm-up match :) Hes got an easy second round match, then could play Massu third round then Roddick and i think if hes going to give himself a chance, he's going to have to step up his game. Well, thats just the impression i got from today's match. I found out later that Arnaud was actually practising during Seb's match and i was really disapointed that i missed that *kicks self*

After it finished, he was absolutely mobbed (by brats too ugh) and two people yelled out 'Sebastien, can i have your towel?' and Rachael and I looked at each other in shock lol because 1) why should someone who doesnt even appear to be a fan get his towel and 2) i didnt think he would give away his towel but he did and gave it to the people who asked *disappointed*. He signed heaps of autographs then saw Rachael's t-shirt and looked at it and goes 'It's me!!!' and looks up and Rachael and gives her a huge grin. She then said something like 'yeah that's you!!' and he signed it and appeared very flattered hehe. I was encouraged to get my t-shirt signed as well, but didnt really want to because i thought it would look tacky if he saw Rach's and then a few minutes later saw mine, but yeah. I've lost my crazy no-shame killer instinct this year i think lol, i was so much braver last year. Anyway, he kept signing and i asked him "Where have you been training Seb?! We've been trying to catch you at practise but we havent been able to find you" and he looked over looking a bit amused and didnt answer lol. He looked like he was going to though.

We didnt do much for the rest of the day at all because there werent any other matches we were particularly interested in, but i get calls from Prazz and Nathalia later on in the afternoon with them saying 'GET TO COURT 11 NOW, i'm standing next to Seb!" Alas, he was watching Paulo's match and sitting right at the end of the row, where we coudl just stand next to him. Everyone was yelling at me to do or say something again, but again i was too shy but eventually asked him if we could get a photo and he said yeah, but after the set. So we waited...and waited...and waitied...and planned on what we would ask him:
1) Do you remember us from last year
2) Are you watchin Arnaud tonight
3) What are the yellow and blue wrist bands around your wrist (he has been wearing them all week)

When the set finally ended, he got up and seemed to forget about what he had promised us, so we had to catch up to him and quickly asked him where the hell he was pratising! He said he didnt know when or where he'd be practising, but if we would be there tomorrow because he'd be there sometime during the day. We could have guessed that!!!! :( That was about it, we didnt have time to ask anything else and he looked eager to get away before anyone else recognised him.

That was basically my day...Should have caught another match because i didnt feel my money was very well spent lol but it was great to see Seb on the court again. I'll be back there Thursday, cant afford to go tomorrow, and hopefully he'll play well then. I got HEAPS and HEAPS of beautiful photos of Seb thanks to my beautiful boyfriend who took about 90 photos during that match for me LOL so i'll get them on here soon.

01-18-2005, 12:04 PM
hey everyone
i'm just back from arnaud's match against hewitt and i'm EXHAUSTED (caught the 8:33 am train to get to the tennis and caught the 11:10 pm train home from the tennis - THAT'S A LOT OF TENNIS!!!!) but i promise i will try to write reports from yesterday, today and tomorrow when i come back home tomorrow!

01-18-2005, 02:58 PM
Thanks Esther and Prazz. Depressing day today... :sad:
No good surprise. Yes, i say that because, I secretly hoped a win of Arnaud. I wasn't at home so I didn't know the score, I tried to sms Esther but it didn't work (bad number I guess) :( ), so I must wait 4.35pm to know the scores...and all scores are horrible.
Paulo lost against Carraz (poor Paulo, he said he played one of the worst matches of his carrier, he was disguted ), Arnaud, Julien etc....
Seb is still there, otherwise I think the AO would be over for me. arghhh...bad year. :sad:
Even our great reporters aren't lucky with them this year, that's so disapointing.

I hope Paulo and Arnaud will play good in double. And Seb too in single.

richard gasquet
01-18-2005, 06:38 PM
vERY BAD DAY FOR THE FRENCH Players :sad: :sad:

Paulo :eek: its a pity for his first grand slam , well the season is long...

01-19-2005, 01:19 AM
Via gets the medal for having to sit through THE most excruciatingly BORING match of 2005. I actually turned the match off, even if it meant missing a possible Nono pan by the camera.

Bummer about Olivier, but I'll just email him and invite him here for some cheering up. (JUST KIDDING!!!!)

:lol: it wasn't that bad when you spent most of your time taking pics, and watching out for arnaud (and for prazz to come in) time went quickly, i can assure you. certainly not one for tv entertainment though, except for the moment when serena lost her shoe returning a serve. how on earth could they fly so far apart from each other, i didn't see and couldn't imagine :rolleyes:

good luck with olivier... he looks a bit like an alex baldwin to me!!! (not that i like baldwin, lol)

sorry for the bad luck this year... we all know it's a hell of a draw, and we didn't get the miracles (an arnaud win?) we hoped for.

01-19-2005, 10:58 AM
OK I’m desperately trying to remember the past three days (including today) and despite the fact that usually my memory is pretty good – so much tennis has been going on that little events keep slipping through like a sieve. So I’m sorry that my reports will be getting shorter and shorter and less detailed and basically boring!

Monday 17th January
Hmm ok I got to the Melbourne Park and met up with Nat – she’d been around for a little while and she hadn’t seen anyone interesting. We figured we might just sit down in Margaret Court Arena for a while just mucking around watching randoms hit up. I ended up having to meet up with some other friends, while Nat went and watched Fabiola Zuluaga play. My friend had gone to all this effort to get all these Russian clothes and he even got this Russian flag made because he really supports Marat Safin and he was so bummed that he was playing a night match on Rod Laver so he was determined to at least use his Russian outfits a little bit. Coz no one particularly interesting was on, we just checked the draw for any Russians who were playing. On court 11 Virginia Ruano Pascual was playing against Alina Jidkova (Rus) and coz I think R-P is a gorgeous little thing we decided to go watch that. I forgot to mention before we split up with Nat, Nat and I swapped tickets. I had a ground pass (which allows you into Vodafone and all the outside courts but NOT Rod Laver arena) and she had a Rod Laver ticket (which allows you into Rod Laver and all the outside courts but NOT Vodafone). She wanted to see Garcia-Lopez vs Moya on Vodafone desperately in hope that Rafa would go watch so we swapped.
While I was watching Ruano Pascual vs Jidkova I got a message from Via saying that Arnaud had arrived to watch Camille play (as well as Bruno). I was desperate to go and watch Camille (as I actually had a ticket as well coz I swapped with Nat) but I didn’t want to desert my friend too much and make him a loser. But when I messaged Via back for the score it was getting too late to care about deserting a friend – there were more urgent matters at hand (ie. getting a glimpse of Arnaud). So I ran over, but unfortunately I only got to watch the last two games. Don’t worry I cheered my little heart out for Camille though and waved my flag like a maniac. I had a perfect view of Arnaud and that provided me much entertainment for the two games. For those who want to know he was wearing a white t-shirt with a navy jumper tied around his neck (it’s kind of hard to explain but it was tied around his neck so that it was hanging on his back) – very nice!
After Camille lost, I can’t remember what I did. I think I did a bit of aimless wandering and if I’m correct the next sort of interesting thing that I did was watch Feli practice topless. I fully had to control myself from taking rolls and rolls of pictures. Despite what anyone else says (in fact despite what even I say considering I think he can be more like a hormonal female than a man half the time) he is very very beautiful. He’s got roots for those who want to know – his blonde streaks are growing out and his brown is showing through – but surprisingly it actually doesn’t look that bad.
After that I think I went and saw Rafa training. He was training on Court 16 with Roddick (ugh) so as you can imagine the crowds were CRAZY!!!! I was very glad to hear a few people not knowing who Rafa was (is that evil that I don’t want him to be known so I can keep more of him for me? I mean by the way he acts he seems to be happy not to be known either so really I’m just thinking along his wavelength and wanting the best for him – not to be evil hehehe). As much as Roddick makes him sick, I restrained myself from throwing things at him to remain civil in front of Rafael. I can sort of see why people would like Roddick (ugh) though. He’s pretty good to the fans. For example, when Rafael and him where having a practice match (After they had done just normal hitting/training and warm ups) Rafael hit a first serve fault. So he did a very very slow second serve and Andy just completely missed it. It was so slow and everyone could see that there was no pace but Andy just completely mistimed it and it was pretty funny. And one of the fans (actually I know who it is but I know no one else really would – he is the boyfriend of one of the members of the Italian Deaflympics Tennis team – she won three gold out of three evens *wow*), yeah anyway, he shouted at “aaaaaanddyyyyyyyy” like sort of in a mocking way and I have a feeling he said something like “ohhhhh what was that?” and kept saying “ohhh” in a tone saying ‘that was so badd’. And Andy responded “I promise I’ll get better soon” with a cute smile (god forbid did I just say Andy roddick and cute smile in the same sentence?). So yeah I can see why the fans love him.
After watching Rafael, I decided to go get ready to watch Gael vs Ginepri – that was my priority match of the day. IT WAS SUCHHH A GOOD MATCHHHH!!!! Oh my god I don’t think I’ve seen many better matches than that LIVE – like obviously you see some awesome ones on TV but that was just SUCH a good match LIVE. Gael lost the first set 6-1 but then came back and just played brilliantly. It was amazing because the crowds just started coming and coming and people were standing around the court and everything to try and see. I don’t know why I thought it was such a good match – Gael is just so intense. Like he just goes for everything and it’s just amazing he’ll just hit the ball really long so you think it’s out and I can’t explain he just gets very fired up and everything. I have a feeling though that he is suffering an identity crisis – or at least nationality crisis!!! He kept shouting “Vamos” when he did an awesome shot – my dear Gael I’m not even French and my French sucks and even I know the word you’re looking for is “allez” hehehehe silly boy. He kept looking at me like I was an idiot though (no one say anything about me being an idiot) – we were sitting right behind his chair and whenever he would walk back I would try and hold up the flag or at least make myself noticed and I think I achieved that quite early on!!! Oooh also for anyone who wants to know – for a couple of games of the match I was sitting next to Marion Bartoli the French female player – except I didn’t want to say/do anything because firstly I don’t care about her secondly I only had my french shirt and flag to sign and my shirt is basically for all the French guys, not the girls. After he won, some French TV station did an interview with him and then he signed some autographs (for all these stupid little brats who don’t even know who he is and will probably forget him after two seconds). I was thinking about getting an autograph but there were too many people and then I thought nah ok I’ll get one but basically he’d sort of left. I HATE BRATTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can’t explain the hatred that boils when I see them – they were all like can we have your autograph and they seriously had seen max a set of his and I’d been patiently sitting through his whole match supporting him.
Hmmm after Gael’s wonderful display of tennis I think I went to see Olivier Patience vs Rainer Schuettler – my memory is getting hazy. Olivier looked buggered, to put in simply. He had wrist problems and then he called a medical time out for his back. The poor boy just played so much tennis recently (quallies I mean) and so he really must have been feeling the exhaustion. He lost in the end which was sad but I guess he played ok even with all his injuries. I did a bit of aimless wandering in hope of seeing arnaud (no such luck) but then I ended up watching a bit of jarkko nieminen vs divide sanguinetti which bored me to no end. Jarkko won – I felt sorry for davide because he had no support basically so I remained unbias. Then finally Feli’s match started – his match wasn’t actually supposed to be a night match but his court just took so long that that’s what it ended up being!! It was sooooooo funny – he looked like he had spent at least an hour getting ready for his match. I’m not sure how many of you have seen the new nike range but they have been doing a lot of experimenting with this one shade of blue. Feli wore (From bottom up) blue Nike shoes with a white tick, those Nike short/pant things (same as Rafa has been wearing) with blue pockets, a white shirt which had blue around the shoulders and a white headband/bandana thing with a nike tick and his hair was gorgeously tied up. I don’t think I’ve found him so hilarious in my life!!!!! I had to take a photo and unfortunately forgot to change the mode, because it changes automatically dependant upon what the scenario is and because it was night it automatically put the flash on, and so my flash went off. I felt sooooooo bad and I wanted to run away immediately. After that, I didn’t see much because Nat and I were exhausted and so we went home.

That was it for Monday!
I would love to write about Tues now but I’m so tired and what do you know, I’m going to the tennis tomorrow so I’m up kind earlyish. I hope the report is somewhat entertaining!

01-19-2005, 09:47 PM
prazz... i don't think i remember 1/10 of the things that you do, lol.....

just remember to check out arnaud/paulo's doubles match, ok? :)

01-20-2005, 10:31 PM
Here's my report of yesterday at the Open.....probably not as interesting to you as some of the other reports here! I'm a bit boring. :)

Seb vs. Lisnard:

He won the first two sets quite easily. Highest serve speed was 213km which is pretty good for Seb. Then a few games into the third set (which he was winning as well) and just when I was beginning to believe he would win the match, he called for his trainer.

Trainer massaged his thigh and gave him some panadol.

And after that he went downhill.

Lost the third set and the fourth and the fifth - but not without putting up a fight.

The crowd absolutely love this guy (they did last year as well). He wins their affection everytime. Everytime he walked out on court they would cheer and when he'd miss a shot or make an error they'd all moan. People were yelling out encouraging stuff to him and stuff and it was just really nice to see and be a part of. He's a much nicer player than that berloody Hewitt.

And by golly he looked nice. :)

WARNING - Lots of drooling about to happen

He was wearing a red t-shirt and white and red shorts. His hair is at the perfect length....(not too short and not too long) ;) and he's lost weight... I said out loud to oldest(14) and middlest(11) that he looks really nice in red. They hid their heads because everyone sitting around me heard me say it.

One woman in the crowd called out to him that he was beautiful....*laughs* - no, it wasn't me. He thought that was funny and laughed.

He did look very beautiful. :)

I reckon that if he were in the top five he would have an absolute multitude of fans. He has a very good manner about him he's hot. ;)

Next year I'm dressing up in the French colours. And I'm writing his name on my face - or perhaps on my bust......*laughs*


Drooling over -

The first game we watched was Lisa Raymond vs. some other poor chick who didn't have a hope.

Second was the Seb vs. Lisnard match. Lisnard didn't look too good compared to Seb but after Seb's injury and subsequent downfall Lisnard started to look really good in his game. I don't know if that's because he started to pick up or whether it's because Seb wasn't playing so well and it made him (Lisnard) look good. Bah, anyway, I think Lisnard played very well. He had a very solid game and I would not be surprised if he makes it through to the fourth round. A lot of fancy footwork too - spinning around at the net whilst returning the ball.

Third match we watched was Elena Dementieva vs. some other poor girl who didn't have a hope. Match over in two sets.

The girls got their balls signed by Lisa Raymond and Dementieva but Lisnard signed pretty much everyone's balls except theirs.
I think this is because throughout the entire five sets I was cheering Seb and a few times Lisnard looked over at me (we were sitting directly behind his seat) when I yelled 'Go Sebastien' or 'Allez Seb' or 'Come on Grosjean'. *hehehehehe*

So he didn't sign their balls.

Oldest was going to ask him for his towel that her mum could burn it. :)

Anyway - after those three matches we all got up - with very sore bums from sitting there all day and went for a wander around.

I bought a bundy (Rum)and we went down to Garden Square to watch the big screen for a while (first set of the Hewitt *gags* / Blake match). Blake was winning. I was happy about that. Not so happy anymore. :(

Then we went for another wander and were walking towards court 5 (small outdoor court) and Pat Cash was playing/practicing there with some older guy (who I think now was Peter McNamara but I'm not sure). For those who don't know, Pat Cash played tennis for Australia a while ago when I was a kid. :) Wasn't that long ago really ;)
There was hardly anyone watching them so when we went over they looked over at us and smiled.
The older guy came over and asked us three if we had the court booked for 6.
I said no.
He said damn. He was hoping we had it booked for 6 because he really needed a break from practicing. (It was almost 6oclock).
And then he went back to playing with Cash and after a while Cash came over and signed middlest's new Australian Open drink bottle (and you can actually read his berloody signature! Most just scribble something) and oldest's tennis ball teddy and then I got a photo of him standing there with them. (On oldest's camera - spewing I didn't have the digital )
Older dude started complaining cause Cash was spending too much time talking to us and he said that he wanted a break - not a holiday.

Oldest was rapt. She knew who he was. Middlest didn't have a clue.

After that we got the tram back to Richmond station and came home.

So all in all it was a good day, even though he lost and is injured again (just read that it's his groin again).

Two highlights of the day were meeting Pat Cash and also seeing the everlovely Arnaud Clement sitting across from us watching Seb play. I wish I took the digital camera - I would've got some ripper photos! Damn!

01-20-2005, 10:42 PM
Two highlights of the day were meeting Pat Cash and also seeing the everlovely Arnaud Clement sitting across from us watching Seb play. I wish I took the digital camera - I would've got some ripper photos! Damn!

arnaud was there too????? :sad: wish i were there *kick self*

01-21-2005, 05:07 PM
Sammy, your report was such a great read, enjoy your sense of humor!!! (tis needed in order to keep your sanity with the kids, no???) That Peter McNamara is one HUGE flirt, isn't he???? He did something similar with me in Miami back when he was coaching Flip... lol remembering that. Think he likes the married ladies! (OK why does it seem like MOST of those coaches like the married ones?????)

Via, thought I would tell you here instead of at the Feliforum that I appreciate any and all pics of Julien, am entirely used to that perpetually pained look on his face, as I have mountains of that look from RG and Miami (even when he won the match?!?) I even have the one of him from Toronto at the Roddick match with what could only be described as a look of wretched pain.....

Yikes, here I am writing a novel, when I should be thanking all of you ladies for the pictures and stories!!!! THANKS BUNCHES :)

01-21-2005, 08:37 PM
perpetually wretched pain? :lol: you know him best. thanks for saving me, i thought what the.... when i looked at the photos that i had taken.

no more reports?? oh well it's been a sad state of frenchie affairs at the ao. but sammy did seem to cop it quite well ;)

01-21-2005, 10:19 PM
It was like a bad dream - watching him go from winning to losing.


Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone know where he plays next? I can't find his name on any entry lists. :(


01-21-2005, 11:02 PM
seb's name is on the entry lists of the usual tourneys, like rotterdam, marseilles... arnaud is also on the alternate lists of those tourneys, although such lists as posted on the internet don't normally show guys all the way down in the 100's :awww: but trust me, i saw the printed lists and the names outside the atp office at the sydney tournament.

edit: sorry, just saw arnaud's name on memphis's alternates at steveg's forum. so i must've been mistaken. michelle already knows about this, i think? but i'm sure he was listed for marseilles.

so much for trusting me :devil:

01-25-2005, 10:07 PM
hey, the aussie open isn't completely over for les frenchies yet... santoro/llodra are still in the doubles but will hit strong resistance today in bjorkman/mirnyi. our gals can still go watch with a ground pass, and spot juniors on other courts too! ;)

01-25-2005, 10:30 PM
hey, the aussie open isn't completely over for les frenchies yet... santoro/llodra are still in the doubles but will hit strong resistance today in bjorkman/mirnyi. our gals can still go watch with a ground pass, and spot juniors on other courts too! ;)

What juniors??!! :confused:

They are all grown up now :(

01-30-2005, 06:11 AM
Alright…a report from Tuesday 18th January – Australian Open Day two (I'm really sorry I'm so slow)

The day started off very positive because this was/is my favourite half of the draw with basically all the people that I was determined to see playing in it; Arnaud (obviously), Seb, JC, Rafael, Paulo as well as many others who I wouldn’t mind watching. I had been worried ever since I found out arnaud was playing Hewitt that I wouldn’t see him coz he’d be on Rod Laver. But luck was on my side – one of my friends had sold my family two tickets to Rod Laver for Tuesday night two weeks beforehand because she couldn’t go and I figured that there would be no one I wanted to watch so the initial plan was that my dad and my brother would go – but after the schedule of play showed that arnaud was playing in the night, that quickly changed and I was going to go with my brother. So basically I was in a good mood all day anticipating that I would be able to go watch arnaud in the night!!

When I got there, there was quite a bit of time to watch some practice but we decided against it and instead just saved seats for Seb’s match which was first up. The match finally started and I stayed for most of the first set and then I had to go work. (for those who don’t know I was working a couple of days at the Open). Found out afterwards that whilst I was working I missed arnaud practicing – was mighty cut.

From work I tried to run to Margaret Court Arena to watch Rafael vs Benneteau (I’m so sorry Michelle but I was going for baby Nadal). For some reason one of the stairs was sort of blocked with heaps of people and it got me really anxious that I was going to miss the match. I bumped into Kristen who was going to watch some other match and it meant that she would pass court 11 so I asked her to message me when Paulo’s match started. I finally got to Margaret Court and found Nat. I only managed to be able to see the last set of Rafael’s match but he played very very well. He was just hitting winners, but I guess also Julien was having an off day because I know he could have put up a bit more of a fight. Nat and I were sitting in the front row and we could keep a close tab on the comings and goings of Rafael’s box and the familiar people I noted were obviously Toni, Rafa’s dad, Ana-Maria his mum and Jordi. We were also very very close to Guy Forget who was watching Julien. When it came to Rafael closing out the match all these stupid little kids came and stood in front of us but we just said excuse-me we’re trying to watch the match and didn’t let them block our view in an attempt to get the best position for an autograph.

During the match I got a message saying that Paulo had started and that he was leading 4-0 in the first. So after Rafael’s match I ran to Paulo’s match. That match was depressing. I mean I know there’s a bit of a consolation considering it’s another frenchie who won but I thought that after Paulo had been leading that he would win easily. I guess the excitement of that match was that seb came I think in the second or third set (memory is fading) so I rang up esther who wasn’t answering. Then I rang up Via who said she was 10 seconds from esther and rachael so I told them to get their butts down to court 11 to see seb. I desperately wanted esther (in her seb top) to ask him for tickets to arnaud’s match tonight – I know I already had tickets, but she didn’t and also I wanted to see if it were possible just to get tickets from players. But we did’nt ask coz he ran away – look at esther’s report to see what they talked to him about. Anyway when Paulo lost he was pretty annoyed with himself and hit his racquet on the ground. I think he knew as well as anyone else that he should have won.
I actually can’t remember what happened after that. I know a little later I met up with my brother and we went inside Rod Laver to get ready for Arnaud’s match. We were all set in French theme with my French wearing the France soccer jersey and me wearing another France soccer top thing and with out French flag. Ooh I forgot to mention that Tuesday was the official collection day for the UNICEF-ATP-WTA Tsunami Appeal and so before the night matches all these players were going around collecting money. I ended up giving to a mate of mine who was working at the tennis and was helping collect as well but it was really funny to see all these players around the stands. And it gave me such a big fright when I heard this thump and noticed that Paradorn Srichapan had jumped down onto the row of chairs behind me. He seems so nice and he was taking photos with people and everything while still collecting.

Ok the night matches. Well first up was conchita martinez vs linsday davenport. Borringggg was a very quick match thank god something like 6-1 6-0 but even then I was just so tired that I nearly fell asleep through it. And then arnaud’s match started. I was very excited to see him as I’m sure you can imagine and we made sure that we held the flag up often enough for him to see. We were next to two New Zealand people who were more than happy to hold up a flag which was against the Austrlaian people so that was good because otherwise our flag wouldn’t have been spread out as much. What can I say about the match? Arnaud was playing some awesome tennis in the first seven games – Hewitt didn’t even have ONE point on his service games until I think the seventh or eighth game – and then Hewitt broke arnaud and it all went downhill. It was just amazing his service was so good at first and then when he was broken he just seemed to lose confidence. And he was actually pressuring hewitt’s serve. He started off in an orange shirt if I remember, then went to blue I think and then red. Or maybe it was red and then blue? I was excited when he started in orange because it reminded me of AO 2001 so I was expecting good thigns and he didn’t disappoint to start off – and then like I said it just went downhill. Arnaud seemed to be having a problem with hitting the ball into the net. He scampered around the court well enough to return balls but even the easy ones just seem to hit the net tape and not go over. I reckon at least 90% (maybe more :S) of arnaud’s unforced errors were because of hitting into a net and he seemed to be hitting the ball very flat and hitting the ball a little late so that it had dropped probably that little bit too much. Therefore considering he wasn’t with a spin the ball would stay at the same height and go straight into the net. Towards the end of the match when it was pretty obvious that arnaud was going to lose and I think Hewitt was close to getting match points some stupid idiot Hewitt fan yelled out “bon voyage clement”. I could have killed that stupid girl. I was so angry just because I understand if you go for Hewitt (well actually I don’t understand but I can sort of accept it) but I can’t stand it when people don’t have court etiquette and yell out rude things to the opposition. Arnaud then lost and walked off the court very quickly.

Note: in Arnaud’s box the people I could recognise were Guy Forget, Bruno obviously, and Camille. At the end of the second set it seemed like Guy was giving Bruno some advice about what advice to give Arnaud and he seemed to motioning for him to hit sort of topspin so that it would go over the net. Not too sure.

01-30-2005, 06:57 AM
thanks prazz..... you've made good on your promise ;)

i happened to be watching the arnaud/hewitt match on tape.... finally... this afternoon, out of boredom (sort of) waiting for the tennis. i watched a few games in the 1st set and arnaud didn't look too bad :sad:

i hope you and esther, rachael, liz, nat, kristen (whom i never got to meet, lol) ... have had a fantastic time at the ao this year :) until the next... ;)

01-30-2005, 08:05 AM
Merci beaucoup Prazz ! :hug:
I'd never be able to do the same in RG :unsure:

well, sory, off topic but...ALLLEZZZZ MARATTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-30-2005, 09:54 AM
ooops totally forgot to mention two other things which happened on the first tuesday:

- during paulo vs carraz match, olivier patience was watching with olivier mutis and towards the end of the match they somehow pulled a camera from somewhere (i have no idea where they got it because they didn't seem to have it before lol ... random) and started taking photos of each other pulling faces...soo funny

- whilst nat and i were just walking around randomly after the day matches while waiting for my bro this american radio journalist came up to us and goes can i ask you some questions for radio. we've gone sure. so he turns his little (actually it was quite big) recorder thing on and asks me "if you could go to lleyton hewitt's press conference tonight what would be a question you would ask him?" i was sooo stumped. it felt like there was a pause for at least five minutes (actually it was prob max 20 seconds but it felt so long) and i've taken another 20 seconds going ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and do you know what the first thing to come out of my mouth was *so embarrassed* "why is he going out with bec cartwright?"...oh my god i nearly died of all the thigns to ask...i should have asked something a little bit more pro-arnaud like "why did he just lose to arnaud clement?" or "why was arnaud clement a better player than him tonight?" (i know it is unlikely that that would have happened but still ;) ) and the journalist goes to me "you know you're not the first person to ask that?" and i couldn't think of a response so i go "well i think bec cartwright is too good for him" whilst giving nathalia a look saying HELP ME OUT (oh my god reliving this is so embarrassing). journo goes "would you be game enough to tell him that in person" (i actually thought he meant he was going to send me the press conference for a second and i was quite excited) but i've gone "no". and then journo goes to nat who was wearing my french flag wrapped around her "do you speak french?" and she goes "no" and he goes "so why do you have a french flag wrapped around you?" and her response was classic "so i don't get burnt from the sun"! i felt i should add something (god knows why) and i go "well i'm actually going for arnaud clement tonight" don't really remember if there was much conversation after that but nat and i were nervously laughing about how stupid we sounded - ok well how stupid i sounded then - and then the journo guy thanked us and left

i'm sooo stupiddddddddddd why is the first question that comes to my head about his private life - i actually DON'T care. what i would really like to know is why he is such an idiot....if only i could have thought of that quick enough...damn

01-30-2005, 11:48 AM
A big THANK YOU to all our Aussie Open reporters!
You guys did a wonderful job on feeding us with lively tennis stories and piccies :worship:

01-31-2005, 06:50 AM
Youve done a great job with the reports Prazz!! :)
I've been slack with mine, but nothing really happened ...hopefully it'll be better next year.

YAY for marat!!!! You suck hewitt :D :D :D

01-31-2005, 09:56 AM
Report from Day 3: Wednesday, 19 January 2005

I’m sorry but once again my memory is failing me big time so everything will be quite jumbled and will randomly move from event to event because I can’t remember all the small details!

I’m very sure the day started with the usual wandering around courts trying to see who was practicing etc. Can’t remember where or when I met up with Nat but somehow we managed to get to court 9 where Feli was training. He was hitting quite well and I remember thinking that he would win his match quite easily based on his practice performance. For those of you who want to know his fashion for the practice – I’m so sorry I can’t remember. But I’m sure it was quite striking because he seemed to drawing some female crowds :P !! After his practice I ran up to him to get him to sign a photo I took with him in 2003 (Davis Cup final). Although I was one of the first there all these people who despite looking and sounding younger than me were a lot taller than me, came and stood right in front of me so he couldn’t see me. I really wanted my photo to be signed so in between the gaps of the bodies of the people in front of me, I stuck out the photo. He looked at it but because I wasn’t in front, he signed for the people in front of me first, but kept looking at the photo, and then at me and then back at the photo – probably wondering when it was taken or something. But when it finally got to signing for me, he looked at the photo fairly carefully (I probably should have put him out of his misery and told him when it was if that’s what he was curious about) and took time to sign, gave me a smile and then fled.

The two ladies came up to Nat and I after and go “Who was that guy who signed your photo?” and I’m like “Feliciano Lopez” and then we basically gave the low-down of Feli – top ranked left handed player, is from Spain, only 23, likes to wear tight pink t-shirts hehehe.

From there on I can’t remember what happened. I *think* by that stage matches had sort of started so I went to check the match on show court 3 (Vera Douchevina – RUS vs Vera Zvonareva – RUS) because that was the match before Gael and Rochus. The match was taking forever and was really boring so I left and bumped into Marcelo who said that Seb was practicing just on the court next to us. I was very excited – wanting to get my Passing Potes signed so I went and stood next to Rachael watching him. Once he had finished these two (maybe three) stupid boys go to him “hey can we have your towel?” and seb STUPIDLY gives it to them. and then the boy who got his towel asks afterwards “who is he?” UGH MAKES ME SO MAD. so Rachael and I kindly pointed out that they were lame idiots and that why would they bother getting a towel off someone who they didn’t even know or like when Rachael here was a big fan – such idiots. So then when seb came up to me I’ve gone “excuse me sebastien would you be able to write a note for me in my book?” and he goes “sure what’s your name?” and I was so rapped that he’d said yes and had spoken that I’ve just gone “oh thanks” and he repeats “what’s your name?” so I’ve spelt it out for him – SLOWLY and he’s written it down and written a “To” in front of it. Seeing that he was writing in English I’ve gone “oh no you can write in French if you want” (I was hoping to be able to stick to the whole French theme of the book hahaha). He goes “ok” and but coz he’d started in English he wrote the first word in English and the second in French. So basically his note was “Friendly, Amitiés, Sebastien grosjean (signature)”. I found that sooo funny – very sweet – but soooo funny coz I know in French you can end notes and letters by writing “amities” but in English you don’t just write friendly by itself. and the other funny thing is that he wrote the same word twice just in different languages lol so it means the same thing. he was sooo sweet though.

Then Rachael tried to take a photo but unfortunately the camera didn’t work  But she’s gone to him “do you remember me from last year when my camera didn’t work?” and he goes “I remember you from yesterday” HOW SWEET IS THAT! he actually pays attention to his true fans!!

Hmm after that we went back to Show Court 3 to get seats (preferably under the shade – it was sooooo HOTTT – the hottest day that week something like 33, maybe more) for Gael’s match. Gael came out and we cheered really loudly for him. He played really crap during the first set. So during the break I went to refill my water bottle and when I came back (I think I was delirious from the heat) I thought gael needed to see my flag to make him play better so I decided to sit in the front UNDER THE SUN just to support him (aren’t I dedicated?). Actually it may have worked coz at the start of the second he was playing a bit better…then I died and went under the shade and he played crap again (ok maybe he was dying in the heat too and it wasn’t necessarily the fact that he couldn’t see the flag but oh well). Basically he was playing quite recklessly and was constantly just going for the winners and hitting the ball long – despite the fact that I’d gone back to the front to support him (so maybe it wasn’t the flag that had helped him during the second).

After his match I was pretty disappointed but I managed to get over it enough to try to rush back to Nadal’s doubles match. I had originally decided to go to Gael’s match over Nadal’s doubles because firstly – I could watch Nadal play singles the next day and I knew they were going to win their doubles so I could watch them another time. I wasn’t sure if gael was going to win and he’s not playing doubles so I figured he was priority. But as I was running down to the court I saw this guy who was standing on the outside of a court peering in, who looked very familiar. Hmmm he looks like Bruno. Yeah he looks like Bruno. Oh my god he’s wearing Lacoste from head to toe that SO could be Bruno. But why would Bruno be watching a random women’s singles match. So I checked who was playing and I see it was Stephanie cohen-aloro, from FRANCE. I’m like oh my god this has to GOT to be bruno. So when that game had finished, and he was about to take a short cut route up to the French bench I’ve just said
“Excuse-me Bruno”
“Sorry to disturb you, I was just wondering if arnaud was going to be practicing today?”
“Yes” (man! bruno is such a man of words…..not!)
“Oh ok, um, I was just wondering when?”
“Five?” He sort of said it in a question form first and then goes..“Five” as if he corrected himself
“Oh ok, um which court would he be practicing at?”
“Five” (hmmm is he just repeating himself? lol)
I go “Thankyou so much, thankyou” and then leave and he jumps up to the seats

So basically, despite the fact that Gael had just lost I was in a very very very good mood because I was going to see ARNAUD!!!!

So I then ran to Nadal’s match, which they won, pretty convincingly. I’d actually missed a lot of it and only saw half a set, if not less, maybe just a couple of games. After that Albert Costa signed the “Armada Espanola” shirt and said “Nice shirt!” haha

Hmmm….what happened next? Oh Nat and I decided to go watch Feli coz there was really nothing on at that stage. It was such a GOOD match – the atmosphere was amazing. He was playing Sargis Sargsian from armenia and there were these Armenian fans there. But for Feli there was this group of aussie guys who took off their tops and spray painted each letter of his name. They started off with F E L I and then got some more people and managed F E L I C I A N O and then got more and more and got his whole name F E L I C I A N O L O P E Z. it was SO COOL!!! and Feli was so sweet like he really got pumped up to them, and each time he would do a good shot or it was an important point, he would look right at THEM and say C’mon or VAMOS!! He really acknowledged their presence. Nat and I decided we wanted to ask them if they wanted to go to Rafael’s match the following day so we moved to talk to them but they said no they weren’t going to be there tomorrow and laughed.

During that match I got a call saying that Arnaud wasn’t to be seen on court 5 (it had sort of gotten to five o’clock by that stage but the match was so good that I didn’t want to leave). Normal people when hearing that the person hasn’t arrived and they’re in a good match would figure oh well I can wait til the end of the match. But I remembered how odd Bruno’s timing/place sound (five at five? slightly dodgy considering this man speaks worse English than arnaud!!!) so I’ve gone oh my god if I have to run to the other side I’d better leave this match so I don’t miss arnaud any more. I thought that maybe bruno had misunderstood my question and thought I was asking for the time again or something and that’s why he said five when I asked for the court (although court 5 is a practice court but who knows?). So I went to court five just to check again, no sign of nono, then ran around that side didn’t see him, so ran around to the other side, no sign of him again, ran back to court five, he still wasn’t there.

by that stage it was getting to 5:30 and I was doubting that he would come. I was about to run to the other side just to check, when I saw this guy who’s been around the French entourage (mainly spotted with Gael and Thierry Champion when they practice) who I think looks like Remi but everyone told me it wasn’t. Someone told me that Champion was Paulo’s coach as well (?) so I thought maybe this guy worked with Champion so maybe he was going to Paulo’s practice who would be practicing with Arnaud considering they are playing doubles together and both lost singles. So I followed him (at a safe distance) and he led me to some random doubles match. Hold on. Not so random because it was two frenchies playing; Jean-Francois Bachelot and Cyril Saulnier vs Simon Aspelin and Todd Perry. Hmmm let me have a check to see if anyone I know is watching. Well what do you know? There’s Thierry Champion. (Tried to get out of his view – although I was behind him I didn’t want him to look behind and see me – he thinks I’m a loser because I’m always watching the French players BY MYSELF – yes thanks esther! hehe coz I watched gael practice once or twice by myself and I sort of watched today’s and first round match sometimes by myself. and considering I was once again by myself I didn’t want him to think I had no friends).

Oh my GOD, is that who I think it is next to Thierry Champion? yes it is. IT’S BRUNO. I tell you, I was fuming at that stage coz he’d led me on such a LONG WILD GOOSE CHASE. STUPID MAN. So I thought ok, calm, all is cool I will wait til whenever he leaves (thought he would leave at the end of the first set) and just ask him THIS TIME IN FRENCH (yes yes I’m brave) what happened with arnaud. so I watched the match – I actually don’t mind doubles when I’m interested in the players but this was so BOORRRINNGGG. spent half my time trying to avoid Thierry champion spotting me when he turned around (which was often – who was he expecting to see?!) and try and get into a position so that bruno could see me if he were to turn around (which he never did as my luck would have it). Then after the first set (which the frenchies lost) I saw champion, and remi-look-a-like get up and I’m like sweet maybe bruno will get up. champion and remi-look-a-like left but oh no, BRUNO STAYED. the frenchies were playing badly so I thought ok it’s cool this looks like it will be over soon so I’ll just wait. they got broken – sweet!!! (I know I probably should have been supporting them but I was being selfish)! but then oh nooo, everyone wants to test prazz’s patience. the frenchies broke back – DAMN IT! and they took the second to a tie break I think and then WON (Whyyyyyy?????). So this was going to a third. and bruno still remained firmly planted on his seat. Then the third took FOREVER – can’t remember the scoreline but each point was contested so much and it nearly killed me. but I thought of sweet arnaud so I stayed.

THEN FINALLLLLLYYYYY IT FINISHED (yay!). The frenchies lost (a bit sad I guess) – see bruno was there really much point staying?! lol I’m so cruel. Then when it finished some chick goes up to him (I think she was French) and goes to him in French, oh bruno can you sign this for me? – just some little notebook. and he goes sure, smiles and signs it. and then I’m fairly sure she asks something about arnaud and training and he sort of answers to her but then sees me (FINALLY) and sort of directs the answer to me as well (how did he know that I could understand French? not that I can understand that well but still?) and he goes “enfin, arnaud ne s’est pas entrainé” (I think that’s the correct grammar – but oh well he said something like that – I was ready to punch him – as nice as he may be – I was like ‘OF COURSE HE DIDN’T END UP TRAINING! DO YOU NOT KNOW THE AGONY I WENT THROUGH’ but I remained calm and collected). and the next thing was the final straw – but don’t take my word for it because once again i wasn’t in French mode and I’m not sure I heard correctly but in my opinion I SWEAR bruno said “il est allé à la plage” OH MY GOD I WAS READY TO KILL THEM. I had stayed an extra TWO HOURS at the tennis just to see my favourite player practice and he went to the BEACH oh my god! (but I guess my French isn’t that great so maybe I didn’t hear correctly – but I was sure I definitely heard the word plage so unless there’s a word like that related to tennis somehow – like massage or something – but I seriously doubt it because I just think it’s plage). so I was pretty cut, but I thought I should make some convo and despite the fact that I knew they were going to play doubles tomorrow I thought I should ask “il va jouer demain?” and he goes “ouai deuxième” and I’m like “quelle court?” (once again don’t comment on my French grammar) and he’s like “je sais pas” so I’ve gone “merci” and got a “de rien” reply.

hmmm so the event that I thought was going to be the highlight of the day didn’t end up happening but in retrospect it’s pretty funny that whilst I was waiting for arnaud that whole time (an extra two hours!) he was at the beach! even though I’m not sure of my frnech I wouldn’t be surprised because the weather was quite hot and sunny, maybe a little too hot for the beach but it had sort of cooled down by that stage and it was way too hot for practicing so yeah!

That was my Wednesday and hopefully I’ll be able to write more soon!

01-31-2005, 10:34 AM
Thank you Prazz.

Theirry Champion must die.

He doesn't work with Paulo anymore. Thank god.

01-31-2005, 03:37 PM
But it must be a slow, painful death.

Quel nul, je ne peux pas sentir ce mec!

01-31-2005, 05:01 PM
I don't think Thierry Champion and Pualo are in abad terms, in spite of what yo told me Liz.
In Metz the last year for the Davis cup, he was sitting next Paulo's parents and and chatting with them.

And maybe it was Rémi, Prazz, he's the new physical preparator (sorry I dunno how to say correctly) of Gael. He's his second coach.

01-31-2005, 05:04 PM
THANK YOU PRAZZ, I love your reports !!!!!! :worship: :hug:

I didn't know you spoke to Bruno. ;)
I imagine Arnaud at the beach, and you at Flinders cruel... :lol:

But I thought too it was maybe "massage".

01-31-2005, 06:23 PM
Funny, somehow I imagined Remi coaching a high school girls' tennis team....

I've had enough fun at the expense of the blonde French tennis coaches today :)

02-01-2005, 12:33 AM
:eek: prazz you're really one heck of a writer........ :worship: at least i now know your every move while i was gone ;)

and arnaud had massage on the beach???? what a sight. why didn't bruno join him?? melbourne park was horrendously hot on a sunny day.

02-01-2005, 05:02 AM
ooooh so i was right about remi? i swear it looked SO much like him

02-01-2005, 06:25 AM
prazz you're really one heck of a writer........ at least i now know your every move while i was gone

hehe thanks via but i'm not a good writer and my english is always terrible (especially considering it's my first language :lol: ) but thankyou anyway. hehe you know every single move that i made considering i ramble on so much - please tell me if i ramble too much and if it bores any of you