What do you make of Murray's mental performance?

09-11-2012, 01:50 PM
I was wondering what everyone thought because there were times yesterday when he seemed mentally strong and times when he didn't...

I reckon overall it was a pretty good. Winning the 12-10 tiebreak after being 5-3 down and knowing that he should have won the set earlier with the breaks of serve he had was pretty crucial. The way he fought back in the 5th set when Novak clearly had the advantage and was starting to play pretty well was superb, especially knowing that were he to lose from 2-0 it would only make the loss more painful and him pick up further critics. Not to mention the overall pressure of being a Brit and being a player who had already lost their 1st 4 finals. Does all of this outweigh making the 1st two sets (and to an extent) the 5th set more difficult than they needed to be?

One thing is for sure though: That will be mentally the toughest match Murray ever has to play.