When will Kohli lose in Kitbuhel?

07-23-2012, 11:01 AM
If Wimbledon II starts on sunday and with some chances to go far on this, Kohli must lose on his first or second match:confused:
Well what do you think? I have to put my money on the first or second match against Kohli:secret:

07-23-2012, 11:33 AM
Kitbuhel? like, seriously?

07-23-2012, 12:46 PM
Sorry to break it to you, they start at Saturday the Olympics that is.

07-23-2012, 12:47 PM
Didn't he WD?!? Pretty unreasonable to play here and at SW19

07-23-2012, 12:50 PM
He has to play because of his contrat with bet-at-home, which is the sponsor of this tournament. Could be easy points but I guess he will tank in the Quaters vs. Rosol ;)

07-23-2012, 02:40 PM
He's also playing doubles with an amateur player, and they won their 1st round :facepalm: TANK KOHLI FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

07-23-2012, 02:43 PM
He'll probably let Rosol win.

07-23-2012, 03:04 PM
He'll probably let Rosol win.

Let Rosol win? One does not simply let Rosol win. He sweeps you off the court

07-23-2012, 03:34 PM
against Rosol

07-23-2012, 05:58 PM
I'm betting heavily on him not winning the title...Easy money.

07-23-2012, 06:27 PM
He should lose on his first match.
His oponent Balazs A, sounds no too bad:p

07-23-2012, 06:59 PM
Hopefully, Lukas sends him packing in the quarterfinals...Would love to see Lukas make the SF or win the title here :wavey: