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Mardy Fish fires back at Ivan Ljubicic over Twitter

05-12-2012, 11:05 PM
Not sure if you all saw the heated exchange between Ivan Ljubicic, Mardy Fish and John Isner today on Twitter, but it was pretty rough.

Ljubicic called out American players for skipping European tournaments and wondered what would happen if Europeans decided to skip US tournaments. Isner and then Fish both fired back and Fish even deleted his tweet probably realizing he went overboard!

Check the full recap, screenshots, and twitter fan responses here:

05-17-2012, 06:23 PM
I thought John's response was not the slightest bit inflammatory - he simply pointed out that he thought Mardy was sick. Not sure why all the fuss about anything other than Ivan's original post, which really seems inappropriate and out of character for a guy who played a leadership role as a player representative in the past.

Mardy's deleted response was also reasonable, and I have to agree with him that Ivan should have investigated why he and Andy were skipping this year's events, if Ivan really wanted to make a general statement that included reference to them. Since both Mardy and Andy have missed American tournaments (and the Davis Cup, which you know they would have loved to have played if they could) this year due to physical problems as well, and Isner DID play in Europe (as did others such as Donald Young, and the top American women as well -- do women not count?), Ivan's comment is factually wrong and rather snarky.

Ivan also may want to consider that many top European players DO skip most of the US/North American summer and play in Europe instead (or take time off). They come over only for the biggest tournaments, and some of them skip Cincinnati or Canada -- especially if they are even slightly injured or sick.

Roddick and Fish should view it as a backhanded compliment--that, in a way, Ivan is saying that they are so important to the tour's success that it can't afford for them to miss an event.

I say this as a bigger fan of certain European players than of any of the American players. I came to this thread hoping to find out what is wrong with Mardy since he has been out so long. It's a shame he and others were unfairly criticized but I'm sure it will all blow over.

05-18-2012, 01:45 AM
Andy Roddick posted this on his Facebook page:!/andyroddick

(May 12) "I know for a fact that @mardyfish is going through some serious physical issues right now... Irresponsible tweet by @ivanljubicic1"

I hope Ivan comes to his senses and apologizes.

Wishing good health to Andy, Mardy, and any other sick or injured players.