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My SPb Open-2004 diary

10-25-2004, 08:33 PM
I live here in St. Petersburg so have a chance to visit this tournament every day. In this thread I would tell some facts of my visits...
Day 1. 25th October, Monday.
The most fabulous thing is that it seems like there are more athletes, coaches, journalists and other accriditable persons than guests and fans! You can meet tennis players in different parts of building where they just stay and talk with each other or walk waiting for match. Nice =) I met this way today Labadze, Sargsian, Saulnier, Tarpischev (!), Fish, Hrbaty and some other players whose personalities I don’t know (stupid!). So I have taken 18 photos and some autographs. be continued.. (I hope!)

10-25-2004, 09:54 PM
oooh lucky u! keep us posted! hope u get 2 meet igor, hes the nicest!

10-27-2004, 04:38 PM
Well, today I skip matches because of some reasons but tomorrow I must be there =) Yesterday:
I came to SCC 1 hour before the beginning of first matches. One of the first persons whom I met there were Safin and Mirnyi who arrived from training on central court. Some minutes later I met Youzhny who were in very good mood and joked. It was very nice when he had posed for 2 girls who photographed him and then said that objectives of their cameras were closed =)) Then I talked for a couple of minutes with Peter Lundgren and got a picture of me and Sargi. Sargsian had a training at about 2pm and then until 7pm when he has a match he was in cafe with his friends with whom he played cards.
And the apogee of the day for me was at evening:
P.S. I hope to publish my photos (I don’t printed them yet) here in the nearest future.

By the way, fact of SPb Open-2003. Grosjean and Spadea approached stringers for 13 times (more then other players). But they played in ¼ final. And Davydenko who played only once approached stringers for 12 times!..