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Fall season Tulsa All-American tournament

09-30-2011, 06:33 PM
Individual tournament. Loses a bit of luster because Johnson,Klahn and Domijan are all sitting it out. But it still has over 300 players and 3 stages of play. There are pre-qualies,qualies and the main draw. The field was invitational.

Play starts Saturday October 1 with the Pre-qualies. The Main draw starts Oct 6 and runs through the 9th.

Tournament headquarters (http://www.itatennis.com/Events/ITANationalChampionships/MensAllAmerican.htm)

Players must win 4 pre-qualies matches to get into the qualie draw, then 3 qualies to get into the main draw.
Pre-qualie draw out right now

Clemson watch: Dom Maden,Zac Rigsby, Hunter Harrington will be in the pre-qualies. Yannick Maden is in the qualies.

10-03-2011, 03:21 AM
qualies start tomorrow. Pre-qualies completed. Check the link for all the draws and results.

just for fun Im going to stick my neck out and predict the qualifiers from each section:

Section 1: James Chaudry (Mississippi State)
tough one to call. Mark of Tuland is the #1 seed overall but has a tough 1st round matchup with Mladenov.

Section 2: Tripper Carleton(Florida)
he could lose to anyone, but I am not a Van Engelen believer

Section 3: Marcos Giron(UCLA)

Section 4: Ignacio Taboada(UGA)
very tough section. I'm going with Taboada, he had good results in the UGA tourney last week. But Dome, Mies and Formentera could also advance through. Also Baylor freshman Zsiga in there.

Section 5: Mousheg Hovhannisyan(Pepperdine)
I am on the Hovhanniwagon. Saba will be atough match though.

Section 6: Julian Uriguen(UVA)
weak section

Section 7: Peerakit Siributwong(Oklahoma)
Kandath goes down to the Thai man in the 1st round. After that smooth sailing.

Section 8: Chris Thieman(Ole Miss)

Section 9: Vitor Manzini(Texas Tech)

Section 10: Alex Stamchev(Auburn)

Section 11: Emmett Eger(Washington)
Egger will take the 1st round freshman battle over Callahan. Lin of Stanford will win his 1st 2 matches but fall to Egger in a tough match.

Section 12: Jesus Bandres(ETSU)

Section 13: Lars Behlen(Baylor)
Brigham vs Behlen 1st round will be an intense match. But Behlen gets the egde because of the momentum he has from pre-qualies. Pieters in there as well

Section 14: Yannick Hanfmann(USC)
By far the toughest section of the draw. We have Junior Ore. Freshman Dane Webb,Hanfmann and also Chappell. Kalmonovich of Illinois is in there as well. And to top it off the #7 seed Van Overbeek of Florida. Tough to call but ill go with the unknown aspect of Hanfmann to have the edge over the other players.

Section 15: Jason Tahir(Duke)

Section 16: Yannick Maden(Clemson)
Efferding will be tough but I expect Yannick to win. Horny is a weak 2 seed and Yannick beta him last year fairly easily. Nathan Pasha would play spoiler though.

ok, so what do you think of the draw?

10-03-2011, 04:47 PM
Can't wait for the main draw to start! Wish I could've played in this...I think I would've had an outside shot at making it past the prequalies.

10-03-2011, 04:51 PM
You had a decent record last year right? You should have been in the pre-qualies at least. If players from Hawaii-Manoa can get in there than why not you?

10-03-2011, 04:56 PM
You had a decent record last year right? You should have been in the pre-qualies at least. If players from Hawaii-Manoa can get in there than why not you?

Decent last spring yeah..but this fall I'm 13-0 so far. Hoping to have a good ITA Regional tourney at Ohio State next week!

As for Tulsa, our team opts out of that tourney for now. You only get 4 fall dates, and we decided it'd be best to play in other ones where we're guaranteed to get more matches in. We have a pretty young team so gaining experience during the fall is pretty important.

10-03-2011, 04:58 PM
Do you know why Klahn and Domijan are out? I know Johnson is playing futures and challengers and taking this semester off...are they doing the same?

10-03-2011, 06:18 PM
Domijan is not 100%. Battling some nagging physical issues.
I don't know what Klahn is doing. He may be trying pro tournaments as well.

10-06-2011, 02:56 AM
Main draw (http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets/pdf/All-Americans_Men/2011/Main-Draw-Singles-Oct5.pdf)

top 8 seeds:
1. Blaz Rola(Ohio State)
2. Eric Quigley(Kentucky)
3. Henrique Cunha(Duke)
4. Chase Buchanan(Ohio State)
5. Will Spencer(Georgia)
6. Dennis Nevolo(Illinois)
7. Evan King(Michigan)
8. Juan Hernandez(North Carolina)

Yannick Maden qualified btw, he beat Efferding 6-1 6-3 then Krickovic 6-3 6-1 and finally Horny of Maryland 6-1 7-6(3)

10-07-2011, 03:04 AM
Jarmere Jenkins pounds the #1 seed Rola 6-3 6-1. in the 2nd round. we are in the round of 16 now:

Round of 16:J
armere Jenkins (Virginia) vs Remi Boutillier (Fresno State)
Will Spencer(Georgia) vs Peerakit Siributwong(Oklahoma)
Costin Paval(Oklahoma) vs Gonzalo Escobar(Texas Tech)
Jose Hernandez(North Carolina) vs Roy Kalmanovich(Illinois)
Gullermo Alcorta(Oklahoma) vs Dennis Nevolo(Illinois)
Mitchell Frank(Virginia) vs Chase Buchanan(Ohio State)
Chalie Jones(Vanderbilt) vs Daniel Nguyen(Southern Cal)
Georgy Batrakov(BYU) vs Alexis Klegou(Texas A&M)

10-09-2011, 05:22 AM
Final tomorrow. Mitchell Frank vs Will Spencer. Can Frank make it two straight years that a UVA Freshman wins this?(Domijan last year)

10-10-2011, 04:54 PM
Mithcell Frank wins the tournament 6-1 7-5 over Spencer

here's a video of him vs Spencer

as you can see he is basically a pucher. But that wins a lot at this level