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FCONT (Fed Cup of Nations Tour) (new game)

02-02-2011, 01:54 AM
This is the FCODN sign up and rules thread. Here are the rules. First you pick your country. It can be any country with at least 3 tennis players and you choose 3,4 or 5 tennis players from that country. The tennis players can be a junior, a pro player ranked anywhere, or a previously top 100 retired player. That is your team. Your team will be automatically put in the tournament(s) that are going on in that week because it is really hard to get everyone to commit for one tournament. I know that is a bit unrealistic for your team to be playing at two places at one time but that is just the way it will work. After each 7 tournaments you must send your points and format for your team ( you may send new points for each tournament if you would like. An example of a format for a tournament would be:
1 Singles Match: Team 1 Player 1 VS Player 2 Team 2
2 Singles Match:Team 1 Player 2 VS Player 1 Team 2
1 Doubles Match:Team 1 Player 3/4 VS Player 3/4 Team 2
3 Singles Match: Team 1 Player 2 VS Player 4 Team 2
4 Singles Match: Team 1 Player 3 VS Player 1 Team 2
An Example of how you will send your format to me is:
1 singles match Player 1
2 singles match Player 2
1 Doubles Match Player 1/2
3 Singles Match Player 3
4 Singles Match Player 4
Okay now we get to the points. You will have 2000 points each time you send your points to me that you will spread into 3 sets. An example of this would be
1 set: 500 points
2 set: 700 points
3 set: 800 points
You Must Send These Points for All 5 Matches. After each tournament the rankings will be updated. The points will be given by the level of the tournament and your team performed in the tournament.
Bonuses to your points will be added by articles. A time where you might want to change your point is when you have a article bonuse. Bonuses will last as long as you want until you use them for the tournament you want. Bonuses will be around 50 to 200 points depending on the quality of the article. As a manager i will be playing this game. Right now we only have 1 member which is me and we need 16 members to get a sub-forum. I really hope you enjoy this and if you have any comments or suggestions please message me or reply to this thread. :)

Taken Countries
USA (GameSetMatch!)

02-02-2011, 01:58 AM
Please Join because this could be a lot of fun.

02-04-2011, 01:34 AM