So is Berankis just another "cinderella" story or he has the "goods"?

01-20-2011, 08:06 PM
Was just wondering. I myself mayby not the most objective person to comment about this all, as i'm a felow countrymen of Berankis and got interested in tennis not that long ago. Ofcourse it's not that hard to know the so called "hierarchy" in tennis nowdays. It's for Nadal or Federer to loose tournaments most of the time, but that's not my point.
So how does Berankis compares to for instance Djokovic, Soderling or Ferrer when they where 20. Berankis is 20 now. Something looking promising in Berankis play? I know being just 1.75 tall is never a plus, but he is trying to compensate with his hard work.