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12-22-2010, 09:08 AM
im a 16 year old irish tennis player looking for advice on my tennis career. im top 40 nationally which may sound okay but the standard of tennis in ireland isn't reckon id be top 200 in the usa at u.16 level .i play tennis 5 times a week because i want to reach a high ranking and in the future maybe play college tennis in the us.
what do you think my chances are of getting a scholarship as i have watched college tennis on youtube and i believe i could reach that standard in 2 and a half years ?how good are the guys who play college tennis? would you be expected to play itfs to get a scholarship and ranked high nationally? would top 200 be good enough in the usa for a scholarship, i do believe with effort i could be very good , im always geting better and would hope to be in around the top 100 in the usa at u.18 when im 18.any advice from someone who has played or knows college tennis would be much appreciated.thanks

12-22-2010, 08:25 PM
:wavey: Please post this in the general thread next time but it's fine for now.

Im not familiar with the strength of tennis in Ireland. If you have a vid of yourself playing tennis then I could give you more realistic advice. Top 100 in the US in 18&u is extremely tough and takes a ton of traveling and hard work. The top players in D1 tennis can usually go on to play professionally and have a fair amount of success in challengers & futures.

12-22-2010, 08:44 PM
ya i get you get into a d1 school what national rank in america would get you a scholarship ? to be in a d1 would you be expected to play ITFS ? same for a scholarship in d2..whats the standard like there.i guy in my club got a scholarship to amrstrong atlantic a few years back and won the ncaa d2. he was top 10 in ireland but with alot of effort i could do the same :) hopefully..