Vienna R2: Chela def. Zemlja 2-6 7-6(5) 6-3

Filo V.
10-28-2010, 02:51 PM
Chela showing off his experience and grit in coming back from the brink of defeat. Taken full advantage of the very easy draw and is in an indoor QF, which is obviously a rarity for him. Congrats to the veteran clay courter on the victory. He's had a much better season than I think anyone could have imagined.

Javier Bardem
10-28-2010, 03:51 PM
very surprised he won, experience pulled him through like you said..Zemlja dominated on serve the first 2 sets

10-28-2010, 04:10 PM
Oh nooo...:bigcry: :sad:
What a heartbreaking loss.

Žemlja had service stats of the god, not facing a single BP in first two sets, winning 80% of service points!!! Cruising through his service games while Chela was fighting and grinding all the way on his...Žemlja a clearly better player till the tiebreaker.

In the final set Grega still fought like a dog, saved 6 out of 7 of break points...eventually a single break decided the match. :sobbing:
Total points won: Grega 101 - Chela 97

Not a real choke here (just got a bit tight in the tiebreak). A great performance and some mental toughness shown here.
It was a win-win situation for me, but of course I wanted Grega to win more...
What will his new ranking be???

10-28-2010, 05:13 PM
Grega :sobbing: Such a wasted opportunity for first ATP QF. :( Still very good week. ;)
PS: I hate matches when player who win more points lose a match. :rolleyes: :p