St. Petersburg R1: Youznhy sneaks past Daniel Brands 64 61

10-27-2010, 05:17 PM
2011 hurry up. :zzz: No one cares about these MM events except Federer.

10-27-2010, 05:19 PM
don't worry, Youzhny was lucky, Serenidad, Brands owned him in first set. just didn't wanted to humiliate him in front of his people. great attitude from Brands.


10-27-2010, 05:19 PM
tennis keeps on winning

10-27-2010, 05:22 PM
Epic match, Youzhny just a bit lucky at the end. Promising stuff from Daniel, he is way underranked.

10-27-2010, 05:33 PM
Tennis wins....Brands is a hideous player, good riddance mug.

10-27-2010, 05:34 PM
Great win for Misha

10-27-2010, 05:50 PM
Mistake in the thread title. Actually supposed to be Youzhny SLEEPS past Brands

10-27-2010, 06:12 PM
By far Youzhny's best match of his career, so credit to him as he would of lost had he not played that well.

10-27-2010, 06:14 PM
Daniel :sad:

10-27-2010, 06:41 PM
Doesn;t mater... he will revenge in AO final in few months

10-27-2010, 06:51 PM
Historic win for Misha and Russian tennis. It should be considered as a biggest victory of a Russian player.

10-27-2010, 07:06 PM
Such a shocker, this result.

Tennis prevails.

10-27-2010, 07:09 PM
completely expected

good job:)

10-27-2010, 07:23 PM
Expected. Mikhail has an easy draw to reach semis here.

Filo V.
10-27-2010, 10:57 PM
Next two weeks: Brands 109 points defending. Should be around 100 in two Mondays. Hopefully that Bangkok QF doesn't keep him in the top 100.

Misha lost three points on serve. Complete domination on all levels. Very easy draw to at least the SF for Youzhny.

10-27-2010, 11:09 PM
Clowniel Brands :bigwave:

10-28-2010, 05:13 AM
good to see that Youz taught this shitty clown how to play tennis. Hope Brands takes note, and goes back to futures. Where he belongs. I also hope Brands doesnt make the AO. He is not good enough.

10-28-2010, 05:54 AM
The Brandwagon has definitely derailed. Serenidad came close, oh so close.

10-28-2010, 07:21 AM
Clearly Brands is tanking the rest of the year, giving all of his opponents' chances to actually win some matches before Brands goes 127-0 next year and achieve the CYGS.