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Who's Going?

10-19-2010, 09:19 PM
I am flying out to Valencia on the 3rd and me and my friend are hoping to watch the tennis. I have tried to use the official site to buy/reserve tickets but I'm lost without a full English translation. The tickets on here are fairly well priced http://www.elcorteingles.es/entradas/programas/buscar.asp?txtTipoBusqueda=espectCadena&lstCiudad=&lstTema=&txtEspectaculo=valencia+open+500 especially in comparison to the price some of the English sites are charging.

I went to the Romania Open 250 last year and getting tickets on the day was no problem but I'm guessing this event is more likely to sell out.

I was hoping somebody might be able to give me an idea of how much they should cost, and whether I would be okay to turn up on the day without buying tickets at all? If anybody went last year or is planning to go this year, then your advice would be really helpful as well.

Cheers in advance guys!

10-20-2010, 10:51 AM
I am also going to visit the Valencia tournament this year (for the first time) and I can understand your trouble with the website.
My friend and me also needed a while to understand everything, but we have booked our tickets now and will pick them up in an "El Corte Ingles" when we arrive in Valencia.

As this is also my first time to visit the Valencia tournament I can´t tell you for sure if you can buy tickets the same day or not. Last year Rafa was supposed to play the tournament, so I guess that might have influenced the ticket situation last year.
I would always buy the tickets in advance, just to be 100% sure. It wouldn´t be so much fun to travel to Valencia mainly for the tennis and not being able to enter the venue. I would, in your case, try to book via the website again.
You have to buy tickets for each day and session (day and night session from wednesday on) seperately, so you get lots of confirmation.

Hope I could help you at least a bit & wish you a great time in Valencia already :)

10-22-2010, 11:12 AM
Thanks for the reply, that info is really useful. Did you pay for the tickets on the site? And if so did you pay for them all individually?

It's just a bit difficult to be sure of what you are doing when you are trying to buy lots of tickets for different sessions seperately when you are not really 100% sure what you are buying!

which sessions did you chose to buy tickets for?

We are travelling to valencia as a holiday/tennis trip so although missing the tennis wouldn't be the end of the world it would be a big shame to miss it