Stefanki [Archive] -


09-16-2010, 10:19 AM
Hi, I'm writing an article on Roddick for a magazine and I'm just wondering what you guys think of Stefanki. Granted he has had major successes before with players but when I think of his time with Gonzalez I think of Stefanki reigning in a player who needed to be reigned in a little. Hence the instant success, the slam final etc. Then I think of him reigning him in more and more until Gonzalez had lost his weapon. The forehand that used to dominate matches is still dangerous but it's nothing like as devastating a shot as it once was.
Now, I realise that Roddick has been getting less and less aggressive for many years now but from my perspective Stefanki is not the man I'd want at the helm.
Stefanki claimed that, "I believe his best tennis is ahead of him. I really do. He works really hard. He’s starting to really understand the game. And he’s made adjustments and not become this one-dimensional tennis player. He had to become multi-dimensional. He doesn’t blow people out of the water anymore. These guys are all moving the ball bigger than he is. So he’s had to make adjustments to compete at the high level. So in that sense, he definitely has another Slam in his belt. I’m just telling you."

To me that is a really dangerous approach to have. Yes, Roddick's all round game has improved over the years but surely he needs to try to blow people out of the water if he wants success. I certainly can't see him pushing his way to slam finals.

Basically, imo Roddick is getting less and less aggressive recently (though not so much in Miami where he was actually successful) and Stefanki isn't the guy I'd want to turn that around.
What do you guys think?