Poll: Should GS draws be taken into consideration when comparing GOAT candidates?

09-11-2010, 11:43 PM
I know this thread sounds like sour grapes, maybe is for all I know.

But, I know Federer didn't always beat the very best when he won his slams, and did take advantage of two occasions particulalry in 2009 when Nadal was absent, and maybe we will hear much more about those in the history books later.

But can anyone recal Federer, or anyone in recent history for that matter, that has had 3 such easy grand slam draws in a row, as Nadal has had in 2010? He has also been aided by quick semis on his part, and long semis for his eventual finalist.

I mean, regardless of seeding 1 or 2, Federer still came up against some tough guys in New York. He seemed to run into Djokovic regardless. I know it's not Nadals fault that the other seeds dropped out early, but it became a survival of the fittest in many ways. Federer was the far better of the two in New York in 2010 to have any hope of going into the final not being too tired. It's going to be a monumental task for Novak tomorrow.

I know it's not Nadals fault, he can't control that the other seeds don't win their matches.

But take 2010 FO. It turned out that it was Mahut who gave him the biggest test?!

Again in 2010 US Open, it could very well turn out that Garbagevilli in the first round would have been Rafas biggest test. I mean come on, save maybe 2010 AO, in these kind of circumstances, that just shouldn't happen.

I don't know. Im not saying it shouldn't apply to Federer too. I'm just saying that people will make such a huge deal of the 3 slams Nadal won in a row, if he wins US Open 2010. But to be honest, theyre not really worth 2 other slams in a row depending on how tough the draw is. It sounds harsh but I feel there is some truth to it.


Note, this is not a hater thread. Well done to Nadal, he deserves everything. But he has been very lucky here. Sure, Federer capitilised on Nadal being absent to win 2009 French Open. But he still had to play some very hot players, and back up a 5 set semi to win in straights in the final, vs the best player in the tournament up until that point.