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Challenger Series Rules - Please read before posting.

06-02-2010, 03:40 PM
1) Please keep in mind that although this is an international forum with various members of different nationalities we would appreciate if you post your replies in English so that everybody may participate. Posts in other languages will be deleted. If you want to talk to another member in your native language, please use the private messages.

2) When creating a new thread, ensure your first post contains the Entry List "together" with your Alternates List (you may need the "edit post" tool for this). Additional info like dates, venue, prize money, previous winners, ranking points and tournament website are also welcome in the first post and may be added by the MTF staff. Ensure that your thread topic has not been created yet. Use the search function first. Duplicate threads will be deleted or merged.

(i)If you want to create a thread to discuss a single result match of a tournament, please post it in General Messages ( section.

3) Please, do not use abusive language or abusive images directed towards any member within this forum including tennis players / livescore updaters / tournament officials / forum posters. Remember people of all ages and sensitivity come to visit us. We do not want to discourage discussions, but please do not use vulgar language and offensive words.

(i) Fixing allegations are not allowed, since they are thoughtless suppositions that damage professional's images.
(ii) Betting talk belongs to gamblers' lounge section ( of this website.
(iii) Fake scores and jinxing messages (like: player A is losing third set 4-0 to player B, someone posts "GSM Player B") are not tolerated in this forum.
(iv) Please avoid being insistent in asking for score of a certain match (like posting more than once about this in few minutes). Ensure to check the tournament OOP (Order of Play) that can be found at the ATP website ( (OOP under PDF format) and the time zones (

4) For those who choose not to follow the rules, you might be notified via pm of the consequences (friendly message from moderator or warning or infraction, according to the severity of the message and up to the moderator's discretion), and your thread/post may be deleted.

5) If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please feel free to contact any of the MTF staff (especially Zirconek (

6) Please check and follow the site rules that are valid for all areas of this website:

Thank you for attention, and enjoy the forum.