Double Fault...

09-08-2004, 01:55 PM
This ones a skills question, probably not for people who have been playing since they were little kids, but for those of you who may have picked up the game later in life

I only just started playing at the beginning of this year, once a week with a friend....did that for about 2 months, then he got crook, was in hospital for a while, and since he's been out we've been playing about once or twice a week for about 2-3 hours at a time, for the last few months, and once every now again against different people.

But in the limited time I've been playing ive developed a pretty good forehand/backhand, dropshot, slice, volley etc. The only thing that I havent been able to get working really well is the serve.....and by not working well I mean not working at all....I cant serve.

For some reason the arm action just comes very unnaturally to me, and I just cant get the serve going. And I'm not talking about throwing my body forward and belting, I'm just talking about a nice easy serve you can pretty much arm in with at least enough pace to not be completely useless.

Does this seem strange to anyone? Because it seems really strange to me, mainly because Ive got pretty good timing and connect really well with the ball on the other shots, and even people I know who havent really got any abilities in all of the other parts of the game, and never really play, are still able to serve...even if they miss much more times than not, theyre still able to get a good one in every now and then

09-08-2004, 02:10 PM
i'm really no expert...

but are you using your legs? you can reduce the motion of your arm and gain consistency if you have a good leg bend and direct that energy up into the ball. It might take a while to get the timing right, but this has helped my own serve quite a bit. My wind-up on the serve is not that long, so there is not much room for error, and I still get power from my legs. I also find that nerves don't hurt my serve as much as they used to, because it is a consistent motion.

Also, if you have a classic Sampras form, with the racket "back-scratch" in the preparation phase, you could consider simplifying it ala Roddick, Schuettler and a number of other players these days, who bring the racket up immediately.

other ideas: you could lower the ball toss (Agassi only throws it about as high as the point where he hits it), and experiment with not trying to lean into the court too much/too little.

good luck! :)