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Why I like Andy

09-05-2004, 03:01 AM
There might be a lot of reasons why ppl like Andy but mine is that he makes me notice him. When I watch his games, I am never bored. Some players play well but I don't notice them. They don't grab my attention. Sometimes I even fall asleep watching their matches. :o But with Andy I am always excited. He keeps me glued to the tv screen. There are players that play well but that's it, there's nothing more. But there're players like Andy who not only play well, but bring personality and spunk to the game. We need a lot more players like that. Same thing with Serena. I notice her b/c of her talent,style, and attitude. Other female players are talented, but they don't have "it." I rarely watch other female players' games except maybe Sharapova b/c I tend to change the channel or fall asleep.