News Article and video: "Porn broker keeps his job - for now"

02-04-2010, 12:47 AM
"Porn broker keeps his job - for now"


THE future of the Macquarie banker who was caught ogling near-nude photographs of supermodel Miranda Kerr on live television will be determined in the next few days.

David Kiely remained away from Macquarie's Shelley Street, Sydney, headquarters yesterday after he was marched from the trading room floor on Tuesday when the embarrassing gaffe was captured by the Seven Network.

In the slip-up, colleague Martin Lakos was carrying out a live cross with the television network to discuss interest rates shortly after the Reserve Bank's decision to remain on hold. In the background, Mr Kiely was seen looking at three separate revealing photographs of Kerr from a GQ Magazine shoot.

Ms Kerr was unaware of the incident when she landed in Sydney yesterday to participate in David Jones's collections launch next week.

The footage has turned into an overnight internet sensation, with more than 200,000 individual viewings on global network YouTube, and more than 50,000 hits on News Limited websites.

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The story was featured on the websites of Britain's The Sun , which headlined the story "What a cheeky banker", Daily Mail, The Independent and the BBC. In the US, it made the pages of publications The New York Post, New York News and The Huffington Post blog.

The global coverage also prompted a number of internet polls encouraging readers to vote on Mr Kiely's future with Macquarie. The Popsugar website asked readers to choose between "Yes, bankers are wankers. I wouldn't want him managing my money", and "No give the guy a break, who wouldn't want to check out Miranda Kerr nekkid".

Mr Kiely, who has been with Macquarie for six years, primarily as an adviser with Macquarie Private Wealth, will meet with the bank's management and human resources department as early as today. The decision on whether he remains with Macquarie is likely to be a lengthy process, with the bank keen to avoid potential unfair dismissal claims if Mr Kiely does leave.

The episode is thought to have shocked the bank's trading room floor, and prompted a stern email from Macquarie's HR section to advisers outlining the bank's strict internet usage policy.

The bank was understood not to have received widespread client feedback yesterday, but Seven said it had a "handful" of complaints from viewers.

Macquarie brokers have carried out the unpaid crosses with television networks daily for the past six years, and yesterday did two slots with Channel Ten and one with the Sky Business Channel.

There was drama recently when the ABC complained the bank's "silver donut" logo was too prominent during the crosses.

02-04-2010, 06:54 AM
And then humanity wants to be perfect, no surprise they are bankers, thats why I never watch financial shows, only watching some about undergorund music and gonzo p***. (not really)

02-04-2010, 09:28 AM
Macquarie Bank is very strict company in general yet alone its stance on "pornography"... :lol: