How long does a (rafa,roger,nole,muzza)tard can resist without his hero winning ?

01-27-2010, 06:50 PM
Hello !

The ammount of hate I read here after Rafa's wonderful match ended in retirement and after today's Roger stellar'n'strange, but in small patches, victory, made me trully wonder:

How much time does a tard need in order to shut his mouth and redirect his tardism over another new and hot player?
How long can a tard sustain such an unfair attitude towards the opponents ?

Let's suppose (and I really don't believe it will be the case) that Rafa will never again win a Slam.
For how long will the rafatards resist and populate this forum with their hate over Roger ?
Or, worse, how long it will take for them to love another guy ?

I hate tardism, shoud be banned as a non-admissible conduct here, on MTF...

Of course, that would almost kill MTF :)

Nole fan
01-27-2010, 08:57 PM
Well, i don't think it's bad to root for upcoming hot players, what i don't understand is the constant bashing of the rivals (usually tards think that by bashing the opponent they present their favorite in a better light, absurd thinking). I only support Djokovic, but it's a pleasure for me to watch Nadal, Federer, Murray... I like them all for different reasons. And if Nole didn't win another slam again, it wouldn't matter, I will always root for him because he's the one that really got me into tennis. And I adore the guy truly.