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Nba 17/11

11-16-2009, 06:58 PM
BUCKS @ 2.05
B.JENNINGS to outscore DIRK NOWITZKI @ 2.55

if bet is draw on both picks,considered as a loss
in jennings/nowitzki bet OT baskets considered also

Dirk had 5 pts last night at the half time and under 40% in shooting
he scored 25 but overall game was below average
he will have kurt thomas as a man who will be his guard,kurt have 14 years of exp
and that should keep dirk at lowscoring if kurt is gonna play agressive defense on him
and if they double up him i dont think he will gonna pump baskets like usual
and this is mavs 4th away game in a row and that shoud be problem here,too much traveling in short time
One thing also that bogut gonna be problem for mavs under the basket and dirk or marion should help doubling him up with dampier and if bogut gonna chose more on dirk side and dirk should take few extra fouls and maybe be few minutes more one the bench and less in the game.

Brandon as a point guard is a totally different position from dirk who is power foward,at the court he is leader of the game at bucks,and every action begins from him where mavs need to open free position for dirk threes or make him play 1v1 where lack form atm.
Brandon score 55 pts in last game vs GSW and that's rookie high in this season and bucks rookie high too i think.
Brandon will have kidd as a guard and even that kidd is a all star with massive exp i dont think he can stop this kid,just too fast for kidd imo.
Brandon is player why i love play and watch basketball,a pure streetball with alot of tricks and
clean shooting,and he is only 185 with massive dunking.
Dirk is a all star player for big things but brandon is a young talent who will prolly unleash his talent and skill trough next few season,a imo be on the top of the point guards and players in the NBA.
Game should be tought and awesome to watch,i give slightly adv to bucks for home side and less games played in this week,just saw that dampier is on injury list for illness and that should be also adv for buck on center positions.

11-18-2009, 01:54 PM
BUCKS @ 2.05
B.JENNINGS to outscore DIRK NOWITZKI @ 2.55