Predict tomorrow's 2nd round matches...

11-10-2009, 09:53 PM
Here's mine...

Rogie over Benneteau (Rogie leads 2-0)

Rafa over Almagro (Rafa leads 4-0)

Chokovic over Monaco (Chokovic leads 2-0)

Murray over Blake (Tied 1-1)

Del Potro over Safin (Never faced before, Safin's last match, he retires)

Karlovic over Soderling (Karlovic leads 2-1, Soderling isn't 100%)

Gonzo over Isner (Isner leads 1-0, but Gonzo wants revenge from last week and is still in the race)

Cilic over Kubot (Never faced before)

Stepanek over Troicki (Stepanek leads 2-0)

Berdych over Robredo (Berdych leads 3-2)

Monfils over Guez (Never faced before)

Haas over Clement (Haas leads 6-0)

I know not all of you like me, but I'm a big stats guy, so that's why I not only predicted the winners for each matchup tomorrow, but also put their h-2-h records against each other for your convenience w/out having to look it up, plus a few comments on some of the matches.

11-10-2009, 10:03 PM
Troicki def. Stepanek (Steps is probably still thinking about his dramatic loss last week.

Haas is returning from swine flu sickness so not sure he can win.

11-11-2009, 12:13 AM
Rogie - Benneteau 2:0

Rafa - Almagro 2:1

Djokovic - Monaco 2:0

Murray - Blake 2:1

Del Potro - Safin 2:1

Karlovic - Soderling 1:2

Gonzo - Isner 2:0

Cilic - Kubot 2:1

Stepanek - Troicki 1:2

Berdych - Robredo 2:1

Monfils - Guez 2:0

Haas - Clement 2:0