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The "Zachary is in the Stars: Happy Birthday Renée!" Thread

10-26-2009, 04:01 PM
Poor girl has to spend her bday in Italy with our fav mod but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate her bday here, too!


We thought we would still throw you a party and we invited all your stylish, curly-haired husbands!!!!
This guy was lurking around the buliding...
at first we couldn't recognize him then we realized it was Zach. We told him that he looked too much like our fav hobo (especially with all those carboard boxes) so he had to find decent clothes if he really wanted to come. This is how he came back...
Oh look we saw a red devil sprinting in the background so we stopped him and invited him, too! He was so happy that he even wanted to bring the CL trophy with him. Cause you know he won it a few times.;)
He had a friend who was also desperate to come but Ryan had to tell him that this was a private party only for people you really like...look how disappointed this unknownbutveryveryhot other guy was...:sad:
He tried to argue with Ryan... lM7l.jpg
...but in the end he was the one leaving...
Of course we allowed Ryan to bring the whole team so here they are all smiling, posing for a "Happy Birthday, Renée!" photo!
Sadly one very important guy couldn't be there...but of course we didn't forget him!
He tried to get here so quickly that he even got fined
But he shouldn't be worried since he has a husband-mate to help him out with the police;)
Of course it wouldn't be a real party without good food and drinks!

10-26-2009, 04:15 PM
:aparty: Happy Birthday Renée!!!!!! :aparty:

Since my dear Yoyo came up with a really epic post, I should also come up with another. That's fair, no?

Anyway, I asked Mr. Mayer to come to your party with me, and he was kind enough to show up shirtless AND with the curly hair. I hope that's for you and not for Joshy boy :haha:

Talking about dear Joshy, he couldn't possibly miss this very important day! iful_women/Josh-Groban.jpg

He has a surprise for you, but me is not telling you what it is, HA! (hopefully he won't sing 'Panda Sex' :D )

Gavin thought I wouldn't invite him, but you know me, I very good person, no? So yes, he's coming with his piano to play some pretty songs :D

Someone really really special decided to show up to say Happy Birthday to you, guess who?! Mr. Sheldon Cooper! I had to promise him no one would sit in his spot and that everything is scheduled the way he wanted... Was tough but I convinced him, go me!

I almost forgot to invite Rafa but since he very good person, I couldn't forget about him, no? He asked me to tell you "Renées, I hope you have very good birthday, lots good presents, Feli ask I tell you she very happy and she hope you have good birthday too! And she hope you have wild night tonight with your husbands!"

Dear Yoyo invited Mr. Quinto, but she forgot about your kid :sad:

Here he is! Michael is really excited to hug and kiss you and is waiting for his chocolate ice cream :haha:

Fine. It's not a birthday party if we don't have a cake, RIGHT? I found the most amazing cake ever for you, so here it is!

Zachary wanted it to be pink, but I told him blue is your favorite color :angel:

Obviously, we couldn't celebrate such an important date without chocolate, so I made sure I got LOTS of them for everyone!

Hope you have a really really great day, dear :kiss:

10-27-2009, 01:05 PM
Awwwww.... Thanks for my epic party, no?
I love you girls. Even more than any one of the men above, or all of them combined :kiss:

10-27-2009, 01:13 PM
Awwwww.... Thanks for my epic party, no?
I love you girls. Even more than any one of the men above, or all of them combined :kiss:

holy crap, i feel special :eek: :haha:

i love you more than i love john mayer :kiss: