Least unforced errors and other random questions

10-12-2009, 04:52 PM
Here are some random questions, some more pointless than others. Most of these questions are probably impossible to answer definitively, but would still be interesting to speculate on:

1) What's the most number of let cords hit during a rally? During a serve?

2) A few questions could be asked about hitting the lines. Maybe the most obvious would be the most times the lines were hit in a single point by either player (both players combined)?

3) Most number of deuces or tie break points beyond 7? I know MacEnroe and Borg played 16 tie break points beyond 7 in MacEnroe's 16-14 fourth set tie-breaker win during 1980 Wimbledon, but there have surely been deuces longer than 16 points?

4) Most points in a row won during a match? Most aces in a row? (I know Querrey hit a bunch in a row in some match during the past year.)

5) Least number of unforced errors by a player in a match? If there have ever been zero, then when and/or how many times? Least number by both players combined?