Rogie vs. Rafa year by year...

10-03-2009, 04:35 AM
Year-By-Year by # of titles won...

I don't count 2001-2003 because Rafa wasn't around yet/didn't win any titles before 2004...

2004: Rogie (11), Rafa (1)

2005: Rogie (11), Rafa (11)

2006: Rogie (12), Rafa (5)

2007: Rogie (8), Rafa (6)

2008: Rogie (4), Rafa (8)

2009 (to date): Rogie (4), Rafa (5)

Rogie from 1/1/04-11/1/09 (doesn't play again until 11/2-8/09) has won 50 titles, and Rafa from 1/1/04-10/4/09 (Rafa plays on 10/5-11/09) has won all 36 of his titles.

I'd say Rafa wins no more than 50-55 titles in his career, whereas Rogie will win about 80-85 titles in his career.

Rafa's days of dominating were short lived and are forever over, but Rogie still has a chance of dominating again and even if not, he did it for far longer than Rafa ever has or will.

Rafa is like a Bjorn Borg, done early, Rogie is like an Agassi/Sampras/Connors, can dominate in his older age.

On a side note Rogie has 11 titles from 2001-2003.

10-03-2009, 09:23 AM
awesome thread, please make more threads, I don't know how we were before you came here with your epic threads.