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(nearly) free money

06-11-2009, 10:45 AM
Alba Berlin to beat Telekom Baskets Bonn @1.17

After two bad losses (71-73, 72-75 OT) Alba destroyed Bonn in Game 3 with a 65-39. In Game 4 (in Bonn), Bonn had the big chance to decide the series ... however, after a 41:34 lead was converted in a 42:51 in the third period, Bonn was mentally down. Today there is the final game of the series in Berlin. Knowing the fact that Bonn has never won a playoff series against berlin, the momentum is now totally on Berlins side. Expecting a big show of Alba, and a similar result as in game 3. The Bet on Alba should be nearly free money, I also will place a small bet on Alba -10.5 @2.0