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User's Guide / dictionary / index thread: patching some holes in MTF

04-20-2009, 05:15 PM
what this is

attempt to start open-source versions of two features the forum basically lacks: help system (the built-in FAQ being just generic vBulletin stuff), and index of valuable content.
help system should cover anything by which a person may be puzzled - so whatever puzzled you in n00b days would be good to include. (Remember anything?)
forum is mainly for conversation, but draws forth things of lasting merit. Sadly, without some sort of indexing/recommendation, they slip into oblivion - carried by the endless stream of posts into the depths of the database ocean. However, with hyperlinks it's easy to guide others to them: in effect, a user-generated index. Hence the Gems of MTF ( thread. Remember any posts/threads that had you in stitches, or gave you lasting insight? Why not share?
format: everything linked from (or in) this post, which serves as index/portal. Underlined items are links. (So... it's a hypertext document embedded in a thread.)
please contribute! Corrections/info/linkworthy-opuses - or unanswered question: all good. Just post. No need to feel shy about cluttering the thread: ephemeral stuff just won't get linked.

Interface tour ( Not always obvious what you can click on, or what will happen if you do. Just moving around the interface looking at all the features is one way to get acquainted with the system. Check it out (

Miscellaneous facts (don't really pertain to an interface feature)

Rep system anyone can rep, using the button marked with check/X below personal info.
no record of reps sent, unfortunately. Last 15 received are listed in User CP. No way to see any older, AFAIK.
green dots: approval. Red: disapproval. Gray (purplish in Opera): repper below some experience level - doesn't count.

ghost mode: switches off online indicator, keeps name off "users viewing" lists. User CP > Edit options, first item.

spoiler tags (info hidden but optionally viewable) can be enabled on vBulletin forums, but aren't here.

live match discussions (central on other fan sites) are forbidden in GM, but welcome in the Current Tournaments forum ( Strange lack of them suggests people misunderstand the GM rule (I did).

Viewing format options: hide sigs & avatars, switch to text-only modes (

how to upload images (and take screenshots) (

Beats me... (contributions needed)

MTF history
vcash, credits, betting, donation
"post user note" button in Profiles (is this another sort of PM, or what? Sending one seems to have no effect. Guess: it's supposed to permit annotation of profiles but isn't actually enabled.)
reputation bar (?) beneath credits in sidebar: seems to be pointlessly the same for everyone: 5 dark green, six bright green dots.
function of buddy list


Nathaliia's MTF jargon dictionary ( Post any she's left out for inclusion! Just getting started; all Greek to me so far.

General internet / tennis jargon & abbreviations (

Links: MTF (outside this thread)
You'll find mine in Gems of MTF: posts, threads, blog items worth recommending ( Hope you'll add your own!

Links: offsite

livestream sites which often have tennis: justinTV (
betting sites, reg. required:

player's sites: Federer ( Murray ( VamosBrigade ( (unofficial but best Rafa site) Djokovic (

ATP sites: Homepage ( Rulebook ( The Race ( (still exists, though not linked anywhere on ATP site) (,,11444,00.html)

other: SteveGTennis ( (info galore) ASAP Sports interview archive ( Jon Wertheim (

04-20-2009, 06:53 PM
purple dots: repper is below some experience level (number of posts)

Is this for badreps? I remember goodreps from new users being in transparent colour.

Oh and grey dot can mean ghost modus (apart from offline) as well ;)

04-20-2009, 11:08 PM
It's a good rep. Faintly purple in Opera I'd say, but probably what you're calling transparent. Thanks for ghost mode reminder - info added to post #1.

04-20-2009, 11:38 PM
To take a screenshot and make an uploadable image from it:
in Windows, PrtSc key puts a screenshot in the clipboard. It's an enormous (c. 2 MB) bitmap file. Alt+PrtSc: shot of just the active window.
use an image editor (e.g. popular freeware - Irfanview; download sites easily found by googling) to crop and compress.
jpg and png are most popular compressed formats. I have found png much more compact for same quality.
upload the image to a hosting site (e.g. Photobucket), copy its URL, then put an image link to it in your post (toolbar button that looks like a postcard).
you can avoid the hassle of uploading to a separate hosting site if you are content for the image to be thumbnail size, opening fullsize in a separate window when clicked, like this:
Use the attachment button (paperclip icon); can upload to MTF right off your hard drive. Once you have attached the image, it will appear below the text of your message (see below) unless you insert it inline somewhere (which you do by clicking on its name in the attachments list on the Manage Attachments screen).
puzzled as to why the site will host images and then "attach" them, but won't just insert them fullsize? Good catch! It doesn't make sense. I think it's an incoherence in vBulletin. But here's a way to work around it: attach the image, then click it. The thing will open, fullsize in a new page: capture the URL (or maybe "PHP querystring" is the proper term; anyhow, what's in the browser address field) for that page. Then go back and insert the URL in an image tag, using that postcard button. You've tricked MTF into acting as its own image server.
A flaw which may trouble perfectionists is that you still get the thumbnail too - and if you delete the attachment to get rid of the thumbnail, the image seems to disappear from the database so that the inserted form disappears as well. So it seems one must put up with an unneeded thumbnail. If motivated, one could attach somewhere on MTF behind the scenes (e.g. one's blog) so that only the inserted form is in the post. Still no worse, perhaps easier, than uploading to a separate hosting service.

04-21-2009, 09:38 PM
Some people like the highly decorated, "MySpace" style in forums - but others may prefer to prune out some of the (as it seems to them) visual clutter and noise: increasing text density, getting more posts per screen, reducing the need for scrolling. There are three ways to achieve this. In order of severity:

Default view
People are free to load up their sigs with coloured text, pictures, links; to use animated avatars - multimedia extravaganza. Reduces message density to 2/3 short posts/screen.

Turn things off
You can, in User CP ( Control Panel; go to Edit Options), switch off display of signatures, and/or avatars. This gets density up to about 4 short posts/screen.

Printable view
An option in the Thread Tools pull-down menu (found in menu bar at top of every thread). Eliminates sigs and not only avatars but the whole sidebar. (Note that there is no reply box: it's a read-only page.) Default is 10 posts/page, but there's a button at top left to show 40/page. About 8 short posts/screen.

Archive view
The ultimate: a highly condensed text-only view; smaller font than printable view & 250 posts/page. Accessed via Archive button at bottom right of every page, near "Contact Us". Unfortunately dumps you at top level of archive system - have to navigate back to thread. To read through a long thread efficiently can't beat this. About 12 short posts/screen.

04-21-2009, 09:54 PM
This will be updated later, right now just a tease.

Kostas Kastoria vocabulary

Kostas Kastoria is a Greek poster who likes to mix Greek with English, use pure Greek or invent his own words. Some of his ideas have been changed / improved by the people with whom he regularly posts in his chat thread or via MSN. Now when the old chat thread is deleted ("vbulletin doesn't handle large threads very well" my ass) a lot of gems are gone too. Since many significant posters adapted his talk into their language (mainly used in the other chat threads), a few explanations are needed.

nai = yes (Greek)
oxi = no (Greek)
gam = sex (Greek)
gam and chau = one night stand
malaka = wanker (Greek)
eriet = crazy (Kostas' misunderstanding from a Batman's movie quote)
huppy = happy
ungly = ugly
Skopkia = Skopje, a capital city of Macedonia
binteo = video
si4 = confirmation of an affirmative sentence (i.e. "I want to gam Nikki si4") with origins in an MSN smiley
gye = guy (not: gay)
bool schett = bullshit
:worshit: :whore sheep: = awful misspelling of :worship: smiley

General MTF craziness

double/triple bagel = can be 6-3 6-3 6-3, or 6-4 6-4 etc. according to mediter's theory
Spartan tennis = tennis of Nadal and such
Ballet tennis = Federer's stuff (at prime of course)
mono tennis = poor tennis of a player who's high ranked, but doesn't look like him usual/old self. Typical for Federer ("mono Fed") after the sickness he said he had
pray for death = something that ClayMonster's (Nadal's) opponents should do
affirmative, negative = Clay Death's and his worshippers' way of saying yes and no

04-21-2009, 10:12 PM
I wish someone would, but I'm not grizzled enough in MTF years to know very many. So - what I have done is put a link to your post in the portal post - so now you're challenged to do the jargon glossary! This is what's so cool about hyperlinked resources and open sourcing: no-one has to do all the work, or hog all the glory. And if anyone else comes up with more, they can post them for integration into your list.

04-22-2009, 02:58 PM
General usage (internet & earlier). Theory of l33tspeak (

+1 - "Add one to the number of people who mean/agree with this", i.e. "I agree"
A+ - Later; From French: "A plus tard"
AFAIK: as far as I know
ASAP - as soon as possible
BTW: by the way
FAQ - frequently asked question(s); can also refer to a collection of such (with answers to the questions)
FWIW - for what it's worth
FYI - for your information
HTH - hope this helps
IIRC: if I recall correctly
IMHO: in my humble opinion
KISS - keep it simple, stupid
L33T: 90s geekspeak for tech-literate (variant of "elite"), opposite of n00b - now tinged with irony
LMAO: laughing my ass off
LOL: laughing out loud
n00b: beginner; person unfamiliar with computers /online culture
OMG - oh my God
OTOH - on the other hand
ROFLMAO: rolling on floor, LMAO
TBH - to be honest
YMMV - your mileage may vary (i.e. your experience/results may differ from mine)

Tennis terms & abbreviations
FO: French Open
RG: Roland Garros (site of French Open)

On MTF: pending development of Nathaliia's list

Ferrer: Pics (explained here (
Davydenko: PMK (origin unknown by me - anyone?)
Nalbandian: Fat Dave
On Fed's site:
Rafa: TFA (The Famous Ass, after his remark as to where he was injured at AO2007)
Murray: PMS (Potty-Mouthed Scot)
On Murray's site:
Gasquet: Dammit (expressing feelings of those who bet on him in pick 'em competitions)
Nalbandian: Numpty (expressing impression of flakiness and wasted talent)

04-22-2009, 07:52 PM
It's a good rep. Faintly purple in Opera I'd say, but probably what you're calling transparent. Thanks for ghost mode reminder - info added to post #1.

just checked, transparent was not the right description I guess, it's pretty grey to me

04-23-2009, 06:06 PM
The aim here is to mention anything a person might miss, and be sorry to have missed. Different things are of course obvious to different people - there will always be noobs to the Internet, forums in general and this forum.

Top of page

breadcrumb trail: links to parent locations within MTF
Bar above top post:

rate this thread dropdown: one to five stars; rating doesn't show up until (3?) people have rated a thread. Ratings cannot be changed or rescinded.
search this thread dropdown: includes a button for advanced search, which is a full-forum search. (vBulletin's search function is actually quite rudimentary: doesn't permit phrase searches, or logical modifiers such as + and -.)
thread tools dropdown menu: includes Printable View ( (text only), subscribe/unsubscribe and (if you're the thread starter) Add A Poll (which you can do at any time, not only when starting the thread).

top of right-hand sidebar

10-link cluster:
Quick Links dropdown menu: Today's Posts which is a cross-forum list of most-recently updated threads you can't get elsewhere. Link to Subscribed Threads is also handy (you can set threads you post in to be automatically subscribed, and add others quickly using Thread tools, then check here for recent activity). Who's Online button that brings up a feature-not-enabled notice.
FAQ is just generic vBulletin stuff, which is a pity. The other useful one is User CP. Explore that to get familiar with all your options. You also won't know if you've been repped unless you check User CP from time to time - no indicator elsewhere.
Welcome box: shows if you have new messages, link to Private Messages (plus a couple to do with credits).

Per post: sidebar

username: opens profile
online status indicator: dot on left. Yellow: online. Gray: offline (or ghost mode)
circled B: jumps to user's blog
check/X button: rep the post.
! button: report post to mods. Clicking opens a report box (with a note explaining criteria, not that the mods necessarily believe in them) in which you write your objection. You can back out if you decide not to report.

Per post: other

post number: click to open single post as a separate page. Rightclick and copy address to make a link to the post.
quote: opens reply box with post contents quoted, including a link back. You can and should edit these down to what is pertinent to your reply (though many MTFers don't).
multi-quote: to quote several posts in one reply, click this in each. It's a toggle: second click deselects. Quote bubble icon grey for unselected, blue for selected. On the last one, click Quote instead. You can multi-quote across threads, in which case there will be a prompt asking if you want to include the out-of-thread items you've selected.
quick reply: pops cursor down to reply box. Also links your post into the system as a reply to the one you are replying to - although this is invisible unless you switch to Threaded View in Control Panel (which is not really recommmended since the vast majority of posters use flat view and ignore the linking, which is thus rendered deceptive).

Bottom of page

archive button: jumps to top level of forum in a compact text-only view (
forum jump dropdown: quick way to move around within MTF.

04-29-2009, 01:47 PM
Davydenko: PMK (origin unknown by me - anyone?)[/LIST]

Poor man's Kafelnikov.

05-28-2009, 01:50 AM
Thanks for these explanations, that's really useful :D

05-28-2009, 03:02 PM
multi-quote: to quote several posts in one reply, click this in each. It's a toggle: second click deselects. Quote bubble icon grey for unselected, blue for selected. On the last one, click Quote instead. You can multi-quote across threads, in which case there will be a prompt asking if you want to include the out-of-thread items you've selected.

Or once you selected all the posts to quote, click the Reply button.