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Madrid AMS 'Battle of the Boards' fill in the draw comp

10-12-2008, 03:09 AM
Some of you will have got an email about this (if you asked to be emailed), but if not, another team FITD contest starts this weekend and the deadline is 12.30 GMT on Sunday (1.30 pm UK, 14.30 CET, 8.30 am US Eastern, 5.30 am US Pacific), i.e. the time play in the main draw is actually due to start.

You can enter via

The qualifiers won't be known at that stage, so when picking matches involving a qualifier, what you really need to decide is whether the other player is more likely than not to beat or lose to a random qualifier. The responsibility for this silly scheduling rests with the Madrid organiser and the good news is, of course, that everyone is in the same boat!

Both the team and individual overall rankings are very tight coming into the last two contests of the year, and if you haven't entered before, there is individual and team glory in Madrid itself to be chased! :) (N.B. you don't need to be picked for a team by anyone, just select the board or forum you feel the most affinity with, presumably MTF, when you enter)

10-12-2008, 06:48 PM
We ended up with 178 entrants (including 9 from MTF), our equal 2nd biggest AMS pick 'em so far, which is amazing given how short the entry window was and that Tennisopolis (the team that had over 100 entrants for the USO) seem to have collectively gone to sleep again. Only Cincy had a bigger entry for an AMS pick 'em and Miami 2008 had the same number of entrants as we've got this time.

All of the usual detailed results pages, updated to the end of Madrid AMS day 1, can now be accessed from - intra-day updates will start from tomorrow, Monday.

Those fighting for high positions in the overall individual and team rankings, where it's very tight at the top, have got just this event and the Paris AMS pick 'em in two weeks' time to amass more ranking points before the end of the year.

The following players have been picked as winners by at least one entrant - Rafa shades 'most popular winner pick' by the narrowest of margins!

62 Rafa
61 Fed
32 Muzza
14 Nole
5 Duckboy
4 Numpty
1 Dammit

Gulbis, Pics, Flake, Potty and the Undertaker also figure among finalist picks.

Indeed, with so many strong players and hard to pick matches in this tournament (e.g. for one of the QF spots, 37% of us have gone for Flake, 37% for the Undertaker, 19% for Dinara's lower-ranked brother, 6% for Simon and 2% for Ee-gor), there is everything to play for and it should be a very exciting week!

Good luck and have fun! :-)