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06-21-2008, 08:10 PM
Just wanted to start a Thread for anyone that has tried/wants to try Gamma's newest product. I just got my dunlop aerogel 300 strung with it yesterday and I am extreemly pleased. The accuracy is amazing. I love to hit volleys with this stuff. Easily the best string at net I have ever used.:worship: Serving is above average and it plays soooo solid. My one knock on it is that I cannot produce any pace on my 2 handed topspin backhand it almost carries the ball too much but, the weird thing is that I have never hit a better topspin crosscourt forehand. It reccommends stringing at 10% less than your usual tension, but I think it preforms best at 58-59lbs (I usually use 60lbs.)

But anyways if you have used it or are thinkin about givin it a try, drop a comment :)