Wimbledon mad-libs (fill in the blank)

06-14-2008, 11:27 PM
I did this before, pretty unsuccessfully, but I made this shorter and sweeter:

Go there, fill in the words it asks, and paste your story here.

Examples for words:
noun - car, apple, beetle
plural noun - cars, apples, beetles
adjective - super, slow, gray
capitalized noun - Car, Apple, Beetle
past tense action one does to another - ate (and not "eat", which is present)
an emotion - sadness, guilt
verb - run, attack, jump

06-14-2008, 11:31 PM
does belongs to non tennis?

06-14-2008, 11:38 PM

Fans seems to be on the edge of their dogs in self-centered anticipation of the upcoming Wimbledon Championships in England. After Djokovic, the fabled Serbian, was able to win his first major nugget in Australia, some question marks started to arise about the world's best chain (by ranking), Roger Federer. After all, the enormous Swiss tennis star was not supposed to lose to earrings -- He never has before. Djokovic, however, played like a gullible craftsmen, and wielded his ruler with precision.

It was later discovered that Federer's fragile adhesive was suffering from cakes, however, and he quickly regained the throne of the rampant tennis tour in the eyes of most tennis fans. The Cow Open, so named after famous sperms, was at once the playground of Federer's most daunting rival, Rafael Nadal, and also his best opportunity to prove himself after his Australian Open stumble. The final at Roland Garros, however, was miniscule, and Nadal completely rammed Federer. Roger, eyes eliciting pleasure, watched Nadal as he took, yet again, another Roland Garros trophy in between his abdomen and held it up high for everyone to see and bake, before pausing to be baked with his teeth wrapped around the whale that Federer so wanted to be his own.

This tent is what makes Wimbledon, the third grand slam on the year, such a spectable in the splendid world. Federer seems delicious on the grass, and yet Rafael Nadal was able to push him to 99 sets in their finals matchup last year. Will Nadal have what it takes to steal the Wimbledon crown from Federer this year and with it, perhaps, the sugary position atop the tennis world. Will large-breasted Djokovic move close to the number 2 spot in the rankings by claiming the Wimbledon crown? Will Davydenko not punch like a cheater? Will shiny Roddick be able to hit a backhand heliopad? Will Karlovic be able to airports serve once? Will persistent Gasquet play like a top eight balcony? Will bare Hewitt be able to capture back even an ounce of his former glory at the green lawns? How many glasses will clinical Safin break this time? Will profitable Ljubicic produce at least one point filled with happiness? We shall eat

06-14-2008, 11:40 PM
Well, it's about tennis, sort of... They can move it if they'd like.

Here's a tool to help: http://creativityforyou.com/combomaker.html