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Should Tommy Haas Retire Or Does He Still Have What It Takes To Be A Good Player?

05-30-2008, 02:55 AM
As regular viewers to this forum you all know Im a dead set Tommy Haas fan.But even Im starting to think he might as well retire because,its obvious that his shoulder is not responding well to the latest bout of surgery and,also I think his mind is still fragile about whether or not he was possibly poisoned during the Davis Cup tie against Russia.Perhaps he was poisoned as,since then he has played poorly against opponents he should have beaten easily and,also he has not completed some matches or, withdrawn from matches losing valuable ATP points in doing so.His ranking after climbing up to number 9 the end of 2006 and, possibly reaching as high as number 5 if he had beaten Andy Murray in a match February 2007- a match he should have one in a 3rd set tie-breaker-is now abysmal.A lot of websites especially Yahoo are saying very unfavourable comments about him which i think is totally unacceptable as these people dont even know Tommy Haas and, how much effort he has already put in physically after so many injuries-shoulder operations,broken ankles- and,personal tragedies such as nursing his parents back to health after he nearly lost both of them in a bad road accident.In 2002 tommy was number 2 in the world and even though he is not going to reach those heights again I still think he is not a spent force and, i wish people would get off his back about his health issues and,stop calling him a wimp,loser,and hasbeen because he retired from his latest match due to a sinus complaint.You cant play if you cant breathe.I still think he has talent and fitness on his side,he just has to work on his mental state as,being a former tennis player myself if you dont believe you can succeed during a match even if you have a higher ranking than your opponent you will more than likely lose.Hope Tommy does play at the US Open and silences his critics if not he has already reached the heights before and doent have to prove what a good player he is to anybody.Go Tommy.

05-30-2008, 11:05 AM
I think he started his latest comeback far too early. With a little more hardcourt tournaments he would have had more success but the clay season came too early for him. He never had good chances on clay and with the damaged confidence he just had no chance at all this year. Now clay is over and gras is about to start. If he can play in Halle I am sure he will do well. And after Wimbledon he will have lots and lots of hardcourt tournaments to get back to where he was. Give him more time before you ask him to retire!! :)

05-30-2008, 09:08 PM
If his shoulder is back to a level that he can play a some tournaments again without retire, then he should OF COURSE not end his career.

He can be still good and it's no shame if he only is ranked in top 30 or so and never comes back to the top.

age 30 is too early to retire unless you are mental exchausted or have an injury that forces you