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Prince 03 Shark hybrid

Le Jalapeno
05-03-2008, 12:23 AM
Well, I placed in my order to tennis warehouse on Tuesday and it came in on Thursday(unfortunately after the guys vs girls match) Tennis warehouse had great service! I got a free Tshirt, free 2 day shipping, and a 3 racquet tennis bag for an extra 5 bucks.

So all day I'm sitting in school anxious to try my new racquet and enjoy my weekend. I get to the tennis courts before all my buddies so I take to the wall. This racquet has a nice fluent feel to it, and every hit feels like a winner.

My buddies start arriving and we start hitting around to warm up. The first thing I noticed on the court was the butter like feel of the volleys. Most other racquets I've played with have almost a forced feeling while up at the net, and even when groundstrokes were blazed my way, I would just turn the racquet where I wanted the ball to go and there it went.

My groundstrokes gained alot of spin and power from my previous racquet, and my strokes feel faster. My backhands have improved and changed in the one day that I've had this racquet. I used to hit my backhand with 2 hands and pray that it landed inside the lines. I now can hit a 1 handed backhand down the line with fairly good topspin, and when I want it to go cross court I use 2 hands and it also has a good amount of topspin.

The only problem that I've had is that alot of the times when I try to hit winners from the baseline they tend to land just outside the court. I can't help but yell profane language when they land mockingly long.

I'm happy with my purchase and I let a couple of my teammates try it out, and they agree that its got an amazingly smooth feel.

:dance::dance::dance: If I ever need to step up to a better racquet I will probably go with the 03 speedport because of how much I love this racquet.