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Comeback match / Broken Fingers?

Le Jalapeno
04-25-2008, 01:27 AM
Well, I was playing the last tennis match of my high school season..... Well I actually got benched because I'm horrible at the net in doubles, and I'm in a love hate relationship with my serves. So the day starts out with me showing the coaches how to play some BBall while the starting lineup was warming up(all buckets from behind the 3) Then once the matches started, I was moving around the outer fence supporting my team. Once a court opened up I asked coach if I could play a scrub match (or "exhibition" match as they call them) and he sent me out there with this kid with taped fingers from the other team.

We start warming up, and the kids strokes are looking fairly good, nothing too overpowering but not weak. I win the racquet spin, so I choose to serve first. Lose first game 15-40 with 2 double faults. Feeling kinda angry, but its a scrub game so I just laugh it off. I tie it up 1-1, but then he pulls away with 1-3 (we are playing an 8 game proset mind you) So in the 5th game I'm down 0-30, and I decide "hey, its the last game of the season, I'm just going to play my heart out" I tie it up at 30-30 with well placed groundstrokes and good network every here and there, and I'm starting to get the feel for the speediest serve I've had in like a month (I had a really good serve for like 3 weeks, and I don't know what happened to it, but its back now). So I'm up 6 - 3, and despite how much I'm sweating, and huffing my strokes are only getting better. So I end up winning 8-4 only letting it get to duece on the game he won, and I'm not only feeling great because I've won, but also because I've hit some of the best strokes I've ever hit in a match.

On the way home my coach tells me that this kid is normally the teams third singles player and he wasn't playing varsity because his finger was broken or whatever (it was just taped, not in a brace or anything so it couldn't have been that bad). And I'm wondering if a broken finger on the non dominant hand can be that much of an Achilles heel to where some two hump chump like me can beat a normally fairly good player like that?

04-26-2008, 04:35 PM
I guess that depends on a few things, if he hits double-handed on the backhand, he may not have been hitting it 100% and he may just have been lacking match sharpness. I've never broken any fingers but I'd of thought that broken fingers on the weak hand would not have a big effect on a returning player. I think the two-hump chump should get all the credit for the win ;) :)

Angle Queen
05-10-2008, 05:11 AM
Several years ago, I broke the ring finger of my left hand (I'm a rightie with a two-handed BH). Actually broke it playing tennis...go figure...when a hard-as-hell volley caught me sleeping at the net.

Hurt like hell. When it happened. And for weeks after. Still isn't right.

While I'd like to say it didn't really affect my did. My service toss was all screwed up and my BH useless at first. One thing I did gain from the experience...was learning to not be afraid to take the hand off the racket and go with a one-hander...particularly when running for the ball.

All that aside, don't second-guess your win over an "injured" opponent. You still had to win it!