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In deep with Gabriel Markus - (Interview with Markus)

06-29-2004, 09:08 AM
You retired in 1999 after having surgery on your knee six times. What do you think you could have achieved?

Looking back I think I could have been a player within the top 10 or
15 because I was in a momentum and I love this (tennis) a lot. My
trainer was Gunther Bosch, who was Becker coach when he won his
first two Wimbledons. That really motivated me. But when I was on
my best form the problem appeared and I had to stop playing tennis.

You started as coach and Nalbandian became a top ten. What are the
qualities that you have as a coach?

I think I am responsible, hard worker, and I am not there to waste
time. I suffered as a player and I understand what is to be
healthy, and you have to take advantage of that. As a player I
realized what a coach needed: someone with whom you could train, and
analyst, someone who could be able to organize the calendar, and
someone who made me feel sure about myself.

Talking about being healthy, Coria has frequent physical problems.
How do you work on that?

We just been together for a week and we sat down to talk when he
finished the tournament. It is hard to know exactly but what I can
tell you is that he doesn't have any serious or important injury, he
suffers those problems due to fatigue. He is not Roddick, he is
smaller and not as strong. The point would be to find his best
physical form and organize well his calendar so he can rest well.
Some start to play well on the third tournament like Massu but
Guille suffers more due to fatigue.

Do you think there are real chances of him being No 1 or Federer is
too strong?

He could be No 1, but in the long run. It is a long journey. Look
all the things he won already and he is No 3. There is a bigger
distance between 1 and 3 than between 3 and 10. He has yet to win
on fast surfaces where he doesn't feel so comfortable, but he
doesn't have to be obsessed by it. For him, this second part it is
going to be difficult. It is a lot of work. Also the rivals have
something to do: with Federer is going to be a tough battle. It
comes the time that the others were waiting, they are happy because
it is his (Federer) time. Coria is a winner, but there are

What did you talk on your first meeting?

Basically we talked about four points: discipline, work,
willingness, and respect, and I explain each of them to him. In a
relationship there has to be trust; I am 24 hours thinking on the
player; I trust him 100% and he has to trust me.

We see Guillermo always arguing points. Maybe ,like McEnroe did
before, that might motivate him. Do you think that's something he
has to change?

Each player has good and bad things. None of them is easy.
Guillermo is incredibly smart, a winner, and winning for him is an
obsession, and sometimes he gets nervous due to that ( the
obsession ) and he takes it on other people. When something doesn't
work then small adversity makes him feel bad. That's why he
discusses with linemen and finds escapes. As long as the
relationship grows we'll talk about it. He wants to improve in
every aspect.

On your first words as Coria's coach you said that you want him to
be more aggressive. How would you do that?

Is not easy, but it can be done. First, the player needs to think
the same way. Because if he asks himself: Why should I be
aggressive if with what I got I am good enough? then it doesn't
work. That has to be improve with hours of practice. Practice
makes perfection and then becomes automatic. Example: Chela, Massu,
and Horna they go to the net and are wining more points; before they
would not dare to do that. Guillermo will never be an ultra potent
player, but with his speed and quickness, he can appear at the net
before the other player can notice it. He doesn't feel sure with
his volley, it has to be improve and try to make him feel that he
can be good at the net.


Guille's Girl
06-29-2004, 08:16 PM
Cool! Man, Gabriel kinda reminds me of Bill Parcells (football coach..NFL football). He sounds cool. I hope he can be with Guille through the rest of his career.

06-30-2004, 07:14 AM
Yes he seems really cool. I got that article from a really cool group in yahoo. I never post there but I always check it out.

Guille's Girl
06-30-2004, 06:09 PM
Cool. I really really really like this Markus guy. He's great. I hope he can be with Guille for the rest of his career. Markus is very smart and I think he's the only one who can really handle Guille.