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PLEASE help a few racquets to choose from. Please give opinion =)

fwuffy squirrel
03-28-2008, 11:24 PM
Okay so I just joined my first tennis class and I REALLY enjoy it. Im 22 and very sportive. Im usually good at sports I play or try and I feel like tennis is my game. Ive only played about 50 games in the course of 2 months and now I have decided to buy all of my equipment. I would like to know what you guys think about these racquets I have to choose from.

Additional info that I could think would relate to tennis would be that Im 6'2 180lbs very muscular (im going into firefighting) but slightly thin as 180 is a little low for my hight. My swing I think is quite long and if it matters I would definitely like to utilize spin and control as well as just brute power in my game. Oh and ive been playing with my friends Prince TT thunderbolt.

If you guys have any other racquets you think I should get then im all for it but I would prefer 1 of these 5.

Thank you all very much for your help

03-29-2008, 07:53 AM
all the rackets you have included in your poll are pretty much advanced players rackets. they will give excellent control, BUT you need to have good timing and technique to use them effectively and get the most out of them.

instead of those frames, i think you should consider ones with around 100sq inch head size and 300g weight unstrung. this would include rackets like:

babolat pure drive/aero pro drive
dunlop aerogel 500 tour
head microgel extreme
prince speedport black
wilson kpro open

these kind of rackets will still give control, but will be a lot easier to handle and will help you to improve more than the rackets you have listed