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Coria crying at press conference

06-21-2004, 09:14 PM
Today on ESPN, Mary Carillo mentioned that after his loss at Roland Garros,
Guillermo at one point during his press conference, started crying uncontrollably & had to leave for a while & then return.

I had no idea his crying was so intense! I now feel even more sympathetic toward him & his fans. Did anyone see all this on TV or elsewhere?

I myself am still feeling a sense of surrealism in how his Roland Garros ended, his life's dream. But, yes, he really did lose that final.

I'm also still very interested to see the whole or partial video of his interview
after the final. If anyone can post a link to it, please do. Or if in the future,
you accidentally come across that video, please Email me.


Washa Koroleva
06-21-2004, 09:42 PM
I've heard about it, but I'd also love to watch it. Does anybody of you have the link to a video of it? Would be awesome :worship:

06-22-2004, 12:37 AM
There's already a thread on this...

and about the video:

I don't think anyone has found the video though =/

Guille's Girl
06-22-2004, 02:28 AM
I saw part of the video on the Roland Garros site buuut then my RealPlayer got stuck...

06-22-2004, 03:22 AM
But what I want is to see the actual video in its entirety.

06-22-2004, 05:38 AM
a lot of people woul want to see this video, but no none manage to find it

06-22-2004, 10:15 AM
Did he cry?! Why?! Because he lost Roland Garros?? Teel me :sad:!! (btw, sorry for the late reaction)

Guille's Girl
06-22-2004, 12:31 PM
*sighs* didn't know?? Crap now I gotta go look for this thing, I don't even go to my RG folder of pics. Here ya go. It's the um, *sighs* Damnit! It's the postmatch interview after the RG finals...

Q. Could you tell us exactly what happened to your legs and when that happened? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: In the middle of the third set, it started. I felt cramps. I thought that I should try not to have cramps, and I was rather thinking about that than the match. But I had cramps. I was not able to play.

They told me I had to wait about 10 minutes after the cream, and after that I would be able to move more. In the fifth set, I tried not to think about it. When I was playing, it was hurting. So I had two match points. He saved them, Gaudio. He was very bright because he made me move, he made me play. I was exhausted. But I'm happy because I gave everything I had.


Q. You worked a lot physically. Do you know what you can do not to have this problem? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: I believe the thing you have to do is not to think about your cramps. Until now I was managing the anxiety correctly. I slept almost 11 hours. I was drinking a lot of liquids. I also started to run a little bit to avoid this kind of thing happening.

But unfortunately, it did happen. You can't replay the story and history, but it will be for next time.


Q. For the first two sets, maybe even four games in the third set, you played exquisite tennis. You could almost reach out and grab the championship. Did you think midway through the third set, "I can win this now"? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: No, no. I didn't think that way. I didn't think I had the match in my hands. It cost me a lot when he came back, 4‑All, 40‑Love. I thought if I was able to win that game, I could maybe come close to the title.

But it's true that I waited my whole life to be able to win this tournament. I had a match point. I couldn't convert it. But I absolutely knew I had to win that third set.

In the fourth set, it was difficult to play well. He started playing deep. I believe that on match point, he saved those match points and needs to be credited for that. At 40‑Love, he won a point. On match point, he sent the ball back. If he didn't, I would have won the match, but he won the match himself.

I am down, but at the same time I'm happy because, you can ask my friends, they don't understand even how I was able to stay as long on the court. But it was the dream of my life, so I fought until the end.


Q. Could you tell us whether you ever at any point during the match thought about retiring, stopping playing? Also, how shocking this win for Gaudio is for us. I'm wondering how shocking it is for you? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: In the fourth set, I was absolutely exhausted. When he was playing, he was winning every point. When he was playing short, it was better for me, and I could play a little bit better. But in the fifth set, I was able to return, but I had a lot of trouble serving. He was hitting the ball very hard.

Then I felt my fingers hurting because I was holding my racquet very tight, and it bothered me a lot because, as you know, I only drink water, I don't take anything else. Maybe that was against me. Maybe I thought too much about that at a certain stage. But now it's behind me.


Q. Is this another example of too much tennis affecting players at the end of major tournaments? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: No, before the tournament I had one free week. I believe I prepared myself very well, as best as possible. But if you want to show up in a Grand Slam, you have to prepare a long time before.

In Miami, I also had a muscle tear. In Monte‑Carlo, I had many problems. I thought I could not be in Hamburg. I came back. So maybe if I had prepared better, we could think it wouldn't have happened.

I was feeling well mentally. I tried to do my best. I have no words to describe what really happened.


Q. It seems today that you lost because the only thing that could defeat you was your own body. As it turned out, that's what happened. What was going through your mind at the very first moment that you felt something changing in your body in the early part of the third set? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: Well, I felt completely powerless because I had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and maybe I believed too much in it. Because, as I said, here I was eating well, I was sleeping well, I was very calm. It's true that on the court I didn't understand what happened because I prepared well and I was managing well. I thought I would finish up this third set.

I became nervous. It was new for me. I had the experience of other tournaments, of other matches, but I couldn't control this nervousness at that moment.

I hope that I will be able to work a bit more on that.


Q. Despite being on one leg for the majority of the last two or three sets, how were you able to get to the point where you had two match points? That was really a miracle of sorts. >

GUILLERMO CORIA: I can repeat to you, it's the tournament of my life. I didn't want to leave the court retiring. It was very difficult for me to serve, that's true. The points I was winning were because Gaudio was making a mistake. For me, it was difficult to win points.

Now, those two match points, he played well, and my body was exhausted, and I made mistakes. I believe if I had felt good, the match would have changed, it would have been a different story. But, in fact, I had a lot of difficulties serving. It was okay for the returns, I could move. But now everything is behind me.


Q. When the trainer came out to assist you at 1‑1 in the fourth set, did he tell you that you could work through it, it would take a certain amount of time, but if you took some potassium, bananas, tablets, that you could work through it? If he did say it, did he say how long it would take your body to at least partially recover so you could play? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, he told me that after 15 minutes, I would feel an improvement. This is the reason why during the fourth set I didn't run, and during the fifth set I was able to fight a bit more.

But what I was thinking is that the match was escaping me. But I was trying to encourage myself to forget the cramps to see if they were going to disappear. But I knew they would come back at a certain stage because I was nervous. At that stage, I felt cramps all over my body.

The trainer and the doctor were a good motivation to me because they said, "Keep calm, relax." If I didn't have their help, I might have stopped the match before. I don't know what they gave me. I don't know the name of the product, but it's incredible that after taking this tablet, it helped me.

If I was used to taking vitamins and supplements, I might not have had this problem.


Q. After he hit the winner to win it, you guys hugged at court, then you smashed your racquet near your chair. Obviously, a time of extremely mixed feelings ‑ great day for Argentina, tough day for you. What was going through your mind when you finally realized this match had completely gotten away from you? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: I realized I lost the match when I lost my serve because I was exhausted. In the sport, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. Obviously, I hope my country is very proud of what I did, because I did my best to carry the flag very high.

When I lost, it was an enormous disappointment. But I'm only 21. Last year I didn't even know when I would have a new opportunity. I had the opportunity this year. I couldn't take advantage of it. But my head is up high. I think that if I keep on working, my physical condition, I will have another opportunity.


Q. In the fourth set, did you decide not to run, or you could not run? Was it a gamble that you took, or you just decided that you couldn't do it or were you waiting for it to clear up?>

GUILLERMO CORIA: Well, indeed, I just couldn't do more in the fourth set. But I didn't want either to be ridiculous and start running, although I perfectly knew that this set was lost for me. The trainer and the doctor told me to wait 10 minutes before I could feel an improvement.

Gaston himself became nervous. He missed a few points. It gave me a bit of courage. But I didn't know how long I could have withstood this pressure. It was only at the moment of the serve.


Q. Will you be pulling out of the Queen's Club event in London, or do you still intend to go? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, I will be in Queen's. I will have a special invitation. Even if I had won this tournament, I would have gone, because when I commit myself, I respect my commitments. I don't know how I will feel mentally, but I will do everything to win the tournament and I will try to forget what happened today.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish.


Q. You said that someone was going to help you for your physical training. >

GUILLERMO CORIA: No. I have a physical trainer who is going to continue to work with me, but I'm speaking with another person. That person gave me a lot of advice already. I remembered him during the match, and it helped me a lot.

But today I can't say anything because there's no formal commitment. This person has a lot of experience. That person went through what I went through. I trust him a lot. I know he's going to help me improve a lot.


Q. You spoke about revenge against Gaston. >

GUILLERMO CORIA: No. The revenge would have been to win this tournament. Against Gaudio, he won the final, he won it perfectly well, and I can't speak about revenge.

Next match will be as usual. It will be long and difficult. But what I am aiming at today as a revenge is to be in the Olympics, to win a medal, and to try to become No. 1. That's the objective I've had since the beginning of the year.


Q. Recently you were saying, "I hope God will give me another opportunity." You said it was the tournament of your life. Now after what happened, don't you believe you put too much pressure on yourself? You thought it was your tournament. Maybe it was a disadvantage for you. Maybe it prevented you from managing properly the pressure. >

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, I would say the ‑‑ it was obvious on the court. Until now my anxiety was under control. I slept 11 hours a night. I was very calm and confident in my game, in my way of playing.

When you see the beginning of the match, well, maybe I was starting to think too much. I was thinking about the victory. It seemed very close, a couple of games to achieve my dream. Maybe that was against me.

But I, indeed, thought that I had to fight. Everybody was saying that I was the favorite. It was important for me to play this final. In Monte‑Carlo, people were saying I was the main favorite because Juan Carlos Ferrero wasn't there. But I had Federer and then I had Moya. It was a key match, and I won.

But today what I lacked is experience. I hope I'm going to follow the example of Ferrero who won this tournament.


Q. The crowd was seeing that the match was almost finished, and they started cheering for Gaudio. Did it bother you? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: No. At 4‑All, 40‑Love, he played the point perfectly well. There was one very long rally at 40‑15. I played a forehand. He returned it. I think I hit the ball out. I think I was thinking too much at that stage. I was thinking that if I had won that point, I could have won the match. He won this game ‑ unfortunately for me.

Then I was under pressure. I was thinking too much. What happened, happened. I have no words to describe it.


Q. It's been three years that you haven't taken any supplements. Do you know any other player on the tour doing the same thing? Did they try to convince you?>

GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, they tried to convince me to take something because everybody's taking something. This is the reason there have been many cases. I don't know if it was this year or last year.

But I want to continue a long time in tennis. I prefer to live what I lived on the court today and not be concerned to know whether these supplements are considered as doping supplements or not.

I think for the next opportunity I have to avoid putting pressure on myself. Already once, without reason, I had taken supplements, and it turned out to be positive, and I didn't want that to happen again (tearing up).


Q. You beat Nalbandian in Juniors. Do you believe your talent goes beyond clay, and that you can win in New York or London and not only in Paris? >

GUILLERMO CORIA: I believe I can improve my game on hard courts and fast courts, and I hope to win matches on that surface.

After what happened to me because of doping, I was dreaming of this situation. To see that my body let me down and my nerves let me down, I want to come out of this story (crying).

I remember what people did to me at that time that were on the other side. It's maybe the reason why I was a bit nervous. I really wanted to win this tournament, to try to forget everything I have deep inside. I wanted to bring a lot of happiness to my family because they supported me during those very difficult moments.

So I would like to have a revenge against those who gave me these contaminated vitamins. I have nothing against any people, but it's true that I killed myself practicing after that. I was not as strong as I am now. In spite of that, I've had very good results.

I came here thinking it was "the" opportunity to demonstrate to everybody, and more specifically to the people who judged me, to show them what I was able to do and keep them quiet. But, unfortunately, it was against me. I was thinking too much on the court.

But I really wanted to empty myself of all that. I was not able to do so. But I will come back. I hope it's going to be very soon. And I would like to express everything I felt.

I had difficult months. I hope God will be fair with me and will give me another opportunity. I hope God will give me a new opportunity.

It's true, at that moment I was not believing a lot in God. I insulted Him. But now I believe in Him because with my family and Carla, my friends, I think with them I will be able to bring them a lot of joy and not disappoint them as I did today.

I think this was the cause of my loss. I thought too much. I started off well.

I would like to thank Jil, because his advice was very important. I hope next time I will win the title and not disappoint those who are behind me.

I will come back. I overcame the death of my uncle Mattias, my grandfather, while I was playing a tournament. I was thinking also about the doping problem. So I promised myself I would win many matches and many tournaments.

Thanks a lot.

06-22-2004, 03:48 PM
Ow sorry GG, didnt know that you had to search so much for it :sad: I hadnt heard it yet....:sad: THNQ VERY MUCH! I owe you! :D:D

Guille's Girl
06-22-2004, 04:01 PM
No it's ok. I didn't have to look far, I just didn't want to....

06-22-2004, 04:07 PM
Sorry for that!.... I you need anything! I OWE YOU!!

06-23-2004, 12:11 PM
ESPN in the US just showed a clip of Guille crying at the FO Press Conference. It was heart wrenching to see him crumble like that. They may show this clip again later today, as I'm sure the network is going to be scrambling to fill many hours of coverage while it rains.