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bad gambler
11-20-2007, 07:54 AM
MTF have now enabled the embedding of YouTube clips into posts for use by all members. To use the function simply obtain the specific YouTube code assigned to a particular clip (e.g. zZRQEtAyiTM ) and surround the code with the "youtube" tag.

This function will be trialed for a period of 6 months on MTF at which point it will be assessed to determine whether it should be kept here on a permanent basis. In the meantime we ask all members to follow some basic rules with respect to its usage:

-No YouTube clips allowed in member signatures as a courtesy to other members posting in this forum
-No spamming of several clips within the one post
-No posting of explicit material such as nudity

Like normal posts, the content of the YouTube clips will be moderated therefore if members have concerns over clips that have been posted please use the report function to alert the moderator group. If we find that members are continually misusing the YouTube tags the function will be disabled immediately.

MTF Team