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how heavy is too heavy for a beginner

10-23-2007, 04:40 PM
I love the feel of heavy racquets and I've weighted mine up to about 12 oz, 6-8 pts head light. i've got a dunlop mfil 400 and a head titanium 5300. now i've only been playing for a year or so and i'm not in great shape (especially in regards to upper body strength), so i'm not sure if a 12 oz racquet is going to hurt my game at this point. it feels better now, but at the moment i just play for an hour at a time against people lik e me who don't really hit the ball hard. will i find them to be not maneuverable enough or too tiring when i start in on the low level tournaments? what kind of shape would i have to be in to use a 12 oz racquet for match play and what exercisees would i want to do to acheive that? thanks!

10-28-2007, 10:11 PM
When choosing a racquet, you should pick whichever one feels best. If you like the 12 oz racquet, which isn't really all that heavy, then you should play with it. I don't see how it would hurt your game. It might be a little more tiring to use at first. When you face better opponents who hit the ball harder, a heavier racquet will actually be beneficial.

02-06-2008, 07:54 PM
Your heavier racquet will be good for developing your strokes. You want long fluid ground strokes and a heavier racquet will encourage you to start your preparation earlier, get your racquet back early and complete your swing with more follow through. Using the racquet will help develop the muscles.

It would also be good if your racquet had low power - this will encourage you to develop a long, fast swing, with upper body rotation, which is what good players have.

Avoid high power, wide beam, light racquets which tend to encourage a player to hit with short, wristy shots, all done with just the arm, and no upper body rotation.

Basically, in my opinion, a pro level racquet will be the best type to develop good strokes.