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How about some smiles from Robby?

10-16-2007, 04:46 AM
I know Robby has had an awful year, but even when he wins he doesn't smile :eek: I watched him win a Match at the U.S. Open on interactive Directv. He won the Match and the crowd was happy he won, but he didn't smile. He autographed the tennis balls and hit them into the stands and still didn't smile :rolleyes: He just looked like he wanted to escape the court :shrug:

10-16-2007, 05:03 AM
Honestly, I think Robby tries to be optimistic, but it just doesn't come naturally to him, probably because he's simultaneously embarrassed/humiliated at his own horrific year (another one, to his disappointment)... He seemed pretty upbeat in the press conferences after his matches, but I can understand that Robby probably had A LOT of thoughts running through his head about finally getting some wins, but at the same time, feeling he missed opportunities to have a better lead-in to the US Open (which would have helped his overall confidence for that tournament)... He also pretty much killed his opponents in the first two rounds, so I don't think he felt he should "rub in" the fact that he won. He's usually a really good sportsman.

I think some of the negative thoughts he carried with him was ultimately his downfall as he found himself losing yet again in 5 sets to an opponent he felt he should have beaten. He said he allowed Wawrinka's constant bathroom breaks and timeouts to get to him... Remember, Tommy Haas happened to take an injury timeout the year before prior to the 5th set tie-break (which some people thought he didn't really need) which allowed Robby too much time to evalaute his current state... Robby's mind just goes places it shouldn't when he's in the middle of an important match :( He typically feels the nerves more than ever, tightens up, hits more errors, and eventually loses. Did I just right a book? :o

10-18-2007, 04:05 AM
A book yes :lol: But a smile to the crowd after you win a Match isn't bad sportsmanship IMHO. Andy smiles when he wins as does James. Players from other countries like Tommy Haas, Rafa, and even lately Roger has been turning on some better smiles. The other player is already leaving the court while the winner smiles at the crowd :) And Robby has a nice smile also when he uses it which sadly isn't often enough :sad: