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To Make a New Forum from Nole

09-01-2007, 06:54 AM
Hi People!...Much of you doesn`t know me because i didnt write to much in this forum. Well first i introduce me, my name is Cecilia, I`m Argentina. The reason for this new thread is this: i want to make a new forum of nole independent of this, one forum which is included the section of english, spanish and from serbia too which everyone can participate. A friend of mine, from my country will made the section in spanish with me, but i need people who can help me to the section in english ( I can do it too but i will need help) and the section from Serbia, which language have no idea and it must be a person who can compromised to do all that part from Serbia language.

I accept advices or any recommendations to the forum, everything will help. All of you people of the forum can help, from every part of the world, we have to do many people, it will be better.

My email is
To this email can write me, everyone who can get involved to this new proyect and who can help too, everyone who wants to help will be invited.

So people, you know, you are invited, i hope to like this i hope to received many emails of you people.

kissess and take care!:wavey: