Jeronimo At The Open! =D - Day 2 - Bartoli =o! - (Pics Soon!) - Updated

08-26-2007, 02:24 AM
Day 3

Ok, so today, no matches, so we decided to hung arround the city! everything began in the 5th Av. With 41St Mcdonalds, were i had my breakfast! ( A delicious Filet-o-Fish ).. We decided to keep walking to Grand Central and there was a Chinese Festival! With a lots of tents where chinese people sell a lot of garbage really CHEAP!! It was awsomeee! I bought a pair of police silver glasses for only 5$ bucks It really was cool, we also bought hats and stuff.. when we leave the festival it was like 3pm and we decided to go to the Big Deal.. Saks Fifth Avenue! But we were in kind of a hurry so we only bouhgt swimsuits! Then we ate in McDonalds.. Again =).. After that we came to the hotel to take a rest and after that we went to the streets looking for a cellphone to take to Venezuela! .. i found Anything Then I came back and now im resting for tomorrow's matches..! Tomoorrow will be an awsome day!

Day 2

So today we left the hotel at 10:00 AM, and we crossed the street to the NYC Public Library, wich is awsome!! :D After that we went to eat at Burger King ;).. Then we take Train number 7 to Flushing, when i arrived i went to the Box Office to get my miniplans tickets!! It was just AWSOME!! They said that, for buying 4 miniplans they gave us 400$ to spend in clothes, racquets etc in gift card!! (100$ each of us) My mom only bought a hat so i spent 180$ in tennis clothe!! :) totally awsome.. (I bough Nalbandians Outfit)! :lol:.. I watch Jorgelina Cravero and cheered up for her!!.. i also watch so many players!!.. I loved watching Dancevic and i saw training Marcos Baghdatis at the Armstrong.. I saw Jankovic when was leaving.. she was with two bodyguards
:lol: shes so beutiful in person!!! I took a picture with me and my cousin with Krajicek!! and guess who denied me a pic!! :mad: Marion Bartoli!!.. aanyways i also saw Cornet, Sela, and Soeda!!..After that we came back at walk at the fifth avenue to buy some stuff.. And now im in the hotel.. Tomorrow: Chinatown and SoHo :)...Soon ill put pictures!

xx Jeronimo

Day 1

Ok so... Its 10:04PM New York time and im in Manhattan in my hotel! ;) Im really, really tired since i left home at 4:45AM to take our plane to houston, and then to take it to here to NYC.. Both flights were really awful, since Continental isnt such a great airline and i was uncomfortable! :p All i have in my stomach are 2 pizza slices and a Double Chocolate Chip frozen that i bought in the Houston's airport Starbucks :p (And of course the poor snacks that they give you in the plane!!) We have planned to go tomorrow to pick up our tickets and saw a couple of matches of Q.. Ill write tomorrow with info and pics!!

xx Jeronimo!

08-26-2007, 02:27 AM
wow bartoli's a b1+c|-|

08-26-2007, 02:39 AM
Can't wait for the pics!

08-26-2007, 04:10 AM
Nice report Jeronimo! looking forward to the pics!