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Total newbie - couple of questions, help...

07-31-2007, 08:27 AM
1. I have chance to play, free of charge, on some old abandon tennis court (clay).
Half ot the field has lot of holes (1 to 5cm)
Which is the best way to flat up surface but not using expensive water pressure machines?
Do you have any good idea?

2. Which racquet are the best for beginner, light one or heavy one.
I have chinesse one, Z class :) with syntethic wires.
I have Head Couch balls, also.
and i have feeling that with a little push, ball can fly away for 2 miles or more.
I barely touch the ball or just put racquet beyond ball and that annoying me all the time.
problem with racquet or my knowledge?

3. Is there any chance to learn something from internet tennis lessons/courses, without real coach. I sure dont want to be a pro. I want to play tennis only as recreation, one or two times a week.

08-01-2007, 08:41 AM
when you hit it, dont just hit it flat, take a swing and followthrough, when you swing, go high, then go low through the swing, and you should be going up again when you hit the ball, then follow through round your neck or body depending on how high you want it to go, make sure you aim it right with this action aswell, theres nothing wrong with your racket...just you have a bad technique at the moment, and i wouldn't play on the clay damaged courts just find some new place to play

08-06-2007, 10:32 AM
1.Play wherever you can. If you can't play anywhere else, play on the abandoned court. Maybe you could fill the holes in with clay.
2.Most beginners racquets are very light and have oversize heads. However, choosing a racquet is a personal decision. You should play with some and see what feels best.
3.If you plan on just playing recreationally, you don't need a coach. If you want to get better, I would suggest joining a tennis clinic. They are cheaper than private lessons, but you can still learn things. Just make sure to have fun.