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05-17-2004, 05:47 PM
Here's a nice article on Marat that I found on

Returning to centre stage

Fiery and temperamental but always a charismatic star of the men's tour, Marat Safin has battled his love of the fast life and weight of expectation throughout his seven-year professional career. On the French Open eve, the Eurosportnews Guest of the Week is brimming with confidence about his summer circuit fortunes.

As a teenager the Russian trained with Spanish players in Valencia, and Safin believes this will stand him in good stead in Paris.

"Clay is probably one of my best surfaces. I move quite well for my height and nothing bothers me, I feel really comfortable," confirmed Safin.

The 24-year-old made advanced to the fourth round on his Roland Garros debut and has fond memories of the experience.

"I played really well against the likes of Andre Agassi and Gustavo Kuerten (the defending champion in 1998)."

Two years later he was knocked out by Swede Magnus Norman in the quarterfinals, but went one better in 2002, losing to Juan Carlos Ferrero.

"It was disappointing to lose in the semi-finals. I could have won, but I didn't believe in myself," said Safin.

One day I'll have to win this tournament because it's my favourite, I really enjoy it."


Another tournament Safin would like to add to his 11 career singles titles would be an Olympic gold medal.

"It's not like all my life I have wanted to win an Olympic gold medal... but it would be nice to play for your country and experience the atmosphere of living in a village full of athletes," he beamed.

Safin's compatriot Yevgeny Kafelnikov, who retired from the tour in December, won the singles gold at the Sydney Olympics.

But the 2000 U.S. Open winner insists that this year's scheduling is very tough.

"We will have to fly from the United States to play in Greece and then fly back to prepare (for Flushing Meadow)."

A recent security threat in Athens, the Greek capital, hasn't dimmed Safin's enthusiasm, as he explains, "I don't think it is dangerous. I think it's great; everybody is going there for vacations.

"I'm sure it is a great country, and I don't think it's going to be very dangerous."

COACHING SAFIN: Fraught relations

Safin will be going to Athens with Roger Federer's former coach Peter Lundgren. The Swede joined the former world number one in Monte Carlo in an arrangement that is expected to run through the summer season.

Safin ended his coaching relationship with Denis Golovanov, "because he was my friend and to mix business with pleasure is difficult as you take a little too much to heart," Safin explained.

"I travelled for one week alone, then my manager asked if I wanted to try somebody. Lundgren came to Portugal; we talked and agreed to work together through Wimbledon.

Safin turned professional as a 17-year-old and was immediately hallmarked as a successor to Pete Sampras.

Seven years on, Safin believes that he can't change his technique.

"It's more psychological because the tennis player is complete.

"Peter has his own ideas about tennis and will make little adjustments to my game."


The Russian missed the majority of 2003 with a left wrist injury, but battled back to fitness, which was highlighted by a sensational run at January's Australian Open.

He fell to Federer, the current world number one in the final, but it was the semi-final match against Agassi that Safin believes was one of his best matches ever.

Plenty has been written about the strides taken by Walt Landers to improve Safin's physical fitness, but the player himself wants to set the record straight.

"In Australia it really annoyed me. I don't like the fact that everybody made a big deal about it.

"Nobody saved my ass, there are no miracles in life, nobody did anything to bring me back to the tour.

"I didn't do anything special to be here again. I just pushed myself."

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thanks a lot. thats great!

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see 4 videos of him here:

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Thanks a lot!! The artical and the videos! :worship: :worship:

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Thanks, Andrea & Escada ;)

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I move quite well for my height and nothing bothers me, I feel really comfortable."

First time I heared him say this. Looks like he memorized the phrase from the media.

"Why? Why does it have to be something dangerous? Because the American's say so? Come on, th eAmericans are everywhere in the world. And everywhere where they are it's dangerous. Oh my God, everywhere they are it's a mess..." There is more of his political views but this is particularly funny. Watch the video and check out his gestures. ;)

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This was my fave part aswell ;)

Can you listen to part two again cause if I've heard it right he says that he learned something from all his coaches, except from Mats.

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I listened to it again and I assume he meant that he didn't learn from him cause they weren't together long enough.

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the fourth one was my fav too :D

the thing with the AMERICANS ( :lol: ) and all sportsman at the olympics :) :D

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This was my fave part aswell ;)

Can you listen to part two again cause if I've heard it right he says that he learned something from all his coaches, except from Mats.

yeah. he did say that and i was wondering why. but i guess your assumption's right. cos they didn't really travel much together.

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well thanks guys i am gonna listen to the video .
I do not know much of Marat but i,ve always liked him.
its good to see him again on the courts