Question About Fan Forums

Chloe le Bopper
08-19-2002, 07:53 PM
Before beginning I would like to emphasize that this is NOT directed at one forum. It is NOT directed at ANY certain people.

If I want to insult someone I will do it directly. So keep that in mind while reading this please.

I was *genuinely* curious at what exactly people consider the use of fan forums to be fore.

Myself, I frequent the Juan Carlos Ferrero forum most - I use it to talk to other Ferrero fans or curiosity seekers, to post articles, rankings, exchange pictures, talk about him - and yes there is one of those "shoot the breeze" threads in there (which aren't original to atpworld as it is).

I LIKE when people who dont' usually go in there, come and post (I joke with them about it, but its me - I give everyone a hard time ;) ). The more people who I have to talk about something that I like with, the better.

I would think that *everyone* should feel comfortable enough to go into any fan forum, and not be pointed out as a "non fan" or someone who shouldn't be there. We're all tennis fans, aren't we? :confused:

Furthermore, I don't think fan forums are the place to talk about one another (yes, that goes for the guilty party - yours truly) - isn't that what we have MSN for?

Fan forums aren't a place to *hide* things - they are a place to celebrate a player, IMO.

Did I total misunderstand what they were for?

Any thoughts anyone?

Chloe le Bopper
08-19-2002, 07:54 PM
I was just thinking about this the other day, because I know what some of the fan forums in WTAworld are like now.

Threads about "non fans", threads where people go on and on about "the haters", the occasional thread by a "hater" to cause shit.

I just really hope that these aren't going in the same direction.

08-19-2002, 08:01 PM
Well, people are going to talk about people as long as other people exist.

Fan Forums are for the fans, not for the players. They're for the fans to get together and share with one another... not just about the player. As far as having other people post there... yes it's okay to have people post who don't normally. Yes it's okay to have people who aren't really fans post.

Is it okay to have people in there who are obviously opposed to a player? No, I don't think so. And if someone has insulted a player that has a forum I post in... and then they come into the forum, even if they don't say anything bad in the forum their being there offends me.

08-19-2002, 08:06 PM
I completely agree with you rebecca, and please god lets hope that this place doesn't get as b****y as wta :)

Chloe le Bopper
08-19-2002, 08:06 PM
I kindly disagree to an extent.

No one should have the right to decide who does and doesn't belong in a fan forum.

If someone who has insulted my favourite (Ferrero) then comes into the fan forum for him and posts an article or something about him, I would be happy for the favour.

As long as the fan forums are kept positive, I dont think it should be a question of who does and doesn't post in them.

08-19-2002, 08:40 PM
I agree with you Rebecca. That's what player's forums should be for. And of course they are also the place for fans to chat with each other about life in general and anything under the sun really, like Scott said. I think that's great. It works as a chat room of sorts. :)

But when another poster is slandered in these chats, it's like talking about someone behind his back at a party... on LOUD SPEAKERS. It kinda defeats the purpose. Because everything in the atpworld is public, or so I would like to believe. And claiming that the maligned person has no right to read that in the first place and respond to it is imo ridiculous.

On the other hand, I agree with Scott that it's rude to go into a player's forum to start an argument. Sadly, anger sometimes gets the better of us. We're only human after all. Well I'm an angel, but that's beside the point. :angel: ;) However, there can be no question about their right to do that, just like people have the right to say anything to anybody, no matter how hurtful, rude or unbelievably sweet. But rights are not really the issue are they? We're talking about etiquette here.

So please keep the player's forums friendly. They are too great and too much fun to be ruined with hatred. :D

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I don't like to feel unwelcome in any forum, particularly when I like the player in question, which is part of the reason this whole debate started in the first place. But it's a great debate and these things should be discussed just so we know where we stand.

And please forgive me if at times I appear ignorant of some unwritten rules. Most of you already know each other from wtaworld with which I'm not familiar. :)

08-19-2002, 08:49 PM
Fan Forums are a place for fans of that certain player to post :) About their fave player or about whatever.

Who goes there, well that's a touchy subject! I don't have a problem with non fans as long as:

a) they don't come into that forum to bash the player
b) they don't come into that forum to start trouble with a fan of that player, or anybody else for that matter!


08-19-2002, 09:30 PM
Yeh I agree that u cant limit ppl from goin in 2 any message board and its fine that they go in as long as they steer clear of trashing it etc like Angele said.

I go to the Roger one(duh) but I do like goin in to the other ones because you can find out a lot of whats goin on.Usually I dont have much 2 add tho!I have no problems with it either! :D

08-19-2002, 09:50 PM
i think Rebecca is right.sometimes i dont go to a forum cos they dont talk about tennis,but about other stuff i'm not interested in.i think that Fan Forum should be used ONLY to talk about a player and his tennis,for talking about ur stuff they should use "Non tennis" threads.

08-20-2002, 01:44 AM
when Golleyt used the "Luscious Shithead Forum" to bash me and to accuse me (falsely) of mocking him, i felt that i had no choice but to go into that forum to defend myself. i would never have gone in there otherwise since i am not a fan of hewitt's and i respected that the forum was for his fans to talk to each other. however, you cannot use a forum to bash people, and if you choose to do so, then you must expect that person to come in and respond to your bashing. if i get bashed in the Shithead's Forum again, i will return to defend myself. :mad: :mad: :mad:

08-20-2002, 02:59 AM
Stop being a bitch and we won't need to.

Calling someone racist is bashing them. Calling us the "shithead" fans is mocking us.

Chloe le Bopper
08-20-2002, 03:06 AM
tennischick, I also go in and take great quotes in the past that have been said about me in there.

I'm no innocent either though, I did make a thread making fun of people - so I don't claim to have a little halo around my head either. :angel: I am not :o

But I didn't really want to talk about problems with any certain forums in here personally, since I have so many that would require a whole other thread ;) jk.

And please forgive me if at times I appear ignorant of some unwritten rules.

layla, they are usually unwritten, because they are stupid :p You aren't missing anything :D

lindsayfan - I generally agree with you about fan forums. I don't understand the need for non tennis threads there. It isn't like a fan forum is some hidden cove that no one else sees - everyone can still read it.

I posted one in the JCF forum for a couple of reasons, and people seem to enjoy it.

But to a certain point I agree with you.

08-20-2002, 03:07 AM
you accused me of mocking you BEFORE i called you a Shithead fan. i called you that as a result of your unfair accusation. you lumped me in with Becca and said that we were both mocking you when the truth is that Becca initiated a "mocking" thread that i did not participate in. so you had no right to accuse me of something that i did not do.

and you're the Queen of Bitches so you're a fine one to talk.

but i've had enuf of this pointless fight. my position remains. i will say what ever i want to about hewitt. if his fans attack me for my opinions, i will respond. punto final.

Chloe le Bopper
08-20-2002, 03:07 AM
AHEM - if this thread turns into a flame war, i will delete it and post it again.

08-20-2002, 03:08 AM
delet it Becca; it's not worth it. these discussions are pointless.

08-20-2002, 03:09 AM
then why the hell do you start them?!

Chloe le Bopper
08-20-2002, 03:15 AM
I thought that maybe if we all talked about, we wouldn't have to hear anyone saying "you dont' belong in such and such a fan forum" or people posting threads "diehards might hate me", or whatever.