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Rwc 2007

06-22-2007, 12:19 AM
I know it's early to be starting the thread, but there are some interesting future bets on offer.

The Kiwis are understandably huge favourites to finally take 'Bill' home but are they really a lock at 1.45? They have a strong penchant for choking in big moments and the field at 2.85 looks quite enticing!

South Africa has been playing some great rugby of late and the Frenchies really should not be underestimated on home soil. I'd love to say Australia is an outside chance and although we CAN win, I don't think we'll be much shout after the pool stage.

What are your thoughts? Do the Kiwis deserve the price tag of 1.45 or can one of the other nations get up and win, because 2.85 is a generous price for the field!

bad gambler
06-24-2007, 03:58 AM
I think the Kiwis are priced about right at $1.45

- Depth: moreso this squad, they are probably the deepest of all Ab teams of the past as Henry can legitamately field two teams of very similar standard if he so chooses. You could argue he ahs been doing that already for the past 2 years
- Backroom staff - I think someone like dave would probably be better placed to comment on this but for me I get the feeling that the current team's coaching staff is far superior to any of the ones that the AB's had in previous world cups, from both a tactical and general understanding of rugby standpoint.