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05-24-2007, 04:20 PM

I was broken.
I suppose there were many others in the world too.
It was the third set and Federer was leading 4-0, and I could sense the inevitable coming. I had to switch off the TV. After a while, when my nerves were somewhat calm, I switched on the tube to find a great young athlete of our times, celebrating his worthy vanquisher, "To beat me, he be the man, no?" he said, with a smile on his face. Rafa lost the match but he won me all over again.

Later, I had to execute this idea (I was actually wondering why it hasn't been done yet):shrug:.

I thought we should celebrate this remarkable young athlete of our times and his ruthlessly charming stronghold at a streak lasting 81 matches before it met abrupt closure.


Anybody and everybody who sees something good about our adorable and ruthless tennis-hero can post here. If you cannot write anything good about him (either on-court or off-court), YOU SHOULDN'T BE ON THIS THREAD. No. Not here. We'll have our tard-wars somewhere else;), no? But I want this thread to be sincere, as is only fitting for a tribute. Here are the guidelines:

1. We need at least 81 'Letters to Rafa' before Rafa makes his first serve at Roland Garros 2007.
2. These 81 posts should be from Posters who admire Rafael Nadal on some level or the other. You might admire only his forehand, or else admire everything from his game & gluttony to his guts & grunts; then you can post here. Alternatively, you might like him at a personal level for the kind of person he is, or because you've seen certain things about him, that others haven't, then this would be a nice time to share it.
3. The 'Letter' format: These 81 posts are to be addressed to Rafa directly as one does in a letter. The length of the letter does not matter; what matters is the sincerity of your message. You could address him the way you want to, write to him the things you've always wanted to tell him, tell him how and why he's special to you, and even scold him where you think its apt coz he's doing something foolish and needs to change something in his game or life. But to do all this, you need to like something in that boy, no? So again, if you have zero-respect for him, dont pay a visit here. Coming back to the point, you could add videos, music and pictures from his world-winning streak to make your tribute memorable, or just dedicate a favorite song to him, or do all of this and more. Its up to you, really. All 'Letters to Rafa' are to end with you signing off with your real Name/ avatar Name, again as one does in a letter.
4. Comments on some other Poster's 'Letter to Rafa' shall not be counted as an entry. Likewise, Posters chatting among themselves are not counted as entries. Of course, you can do both here.
5. 81 'Letters to Rafa' are the minimum required. Of course, the more the merrier :D!
6. A poster who has posted his 'Letter to Rafa' once cannot do so twice, but can continue to comment, post videos, pictures, articles that he/she might want to share.
7. I will post the daily update on the number of people who have posted their letters along with their names/IDs so we know the count.

So Remember, 81 'Letters to Rafa' before Rafa makes his first serve at Roland Garros 2007. Thereafter, the thread can continue without the pression, no? The letters can still continue to pour in, as can other stuff. So here's to the scintillating young athlete to already have a tribute at the dawn of his career!

Now hurry up with your contribution, silly!



05-24-2007, 04:21 PM
My adorable Rafzilla,

Umm. Why do I always have to pause and watch you when you play?Its not like you're contributing something to me financially, nor do you know me, so I can't call you a friend. Its not like I'm recieving some love from the other end. On the contrary, you are a big distraction, because there are many other useful things I could be doing. So why do I have to turn on the tube whenever your match is on? I suppose its because the first time, I saw you play, I marvelled at the athleticism with which you covered the court. I had never seen a body move like that in tennis, nor a figure move so agile in sport. And the gumption with which you wanted your b'day cake that year enticed me to watch another match; once again, a thriller, with you coming back from 2-sets down. One of your regular bad habits, no?

And you do it again and again and again. Enough adrenaline to drive me nuts! And I was hoping you would do it again, just this once. But you didn't. Maybe your regal opposition was too much for you on that day, or maybe you were just not at your best, but I was broken. Because all this while I had been watching you, I now know for sure, I had been recieving something. When I watch you, I grow young. Here's why:

Everytime I watch you play, I am thrilled because I see a fighter who'll never say die, and so it is only quite natural that I wouldn't stop hoping that he doesn't ever wear off. And that is an attitude I can apply in life.
I am thrilled even more when everyone says 'he's finished' but somewhere inside, I still know that you might just comeback and win. And so often, you do. And when you dont win, you still return the next day with a fresh mind and new body.

You inspire. Because you try. You are not something altogether out of grasp, but not exactly someone within reach. You are an ideal that is possible to manifest and that is just something that helps me push myself forward.
So, here's hoping that you stay young and fit, and no matter how many losses and wins, you alway keep that joie de vivre! which is so special to you.

Here are a few lines from an 80's song by The Pretenders that describes you so well.

...Gonna use my arms
...Gonna use my legs
...Gonna se my style
...Gonna use my sidestep
...Gonna use my fingers
...Gonna use my my my imagination

Coz I gonna make you see...
Nobody else here, no one like me...
I'm special...so special...
I gotta have your attention so give it to me!

And you will get all that attention, no?

T_N_E aka Gloatzilla!

05-24-2007, 05:51 PM
I don't have writing skills, so I want to post a link to a masterpiece of a vb.com member. (read the post 136)


05-25-2007, 08:01 AM
Later, I had to execute this idea (I was actually wondering why it hasn't been done yet):shrug:.
MTF isn't the kind of place where things like this can happen. :hug: Insults are preferred to tribute threads on this forum; besides, there are not enough active Rafa fans here. If you want to do this, I recommend the messageboard on www.vamosbrigade.com or on the official site.

05-25-2007, 08:12 AM
thanks admin for deleting all the insults to rafa :D :worship:

05-25-2007, 08:16 AM
Currently Rafa's Official Site is encouraging the posting of supportive messages.


Either the Spanish or English side. Click on the Fan Page. You will have to register to post. Besides the Spanish and English there is also a French board.