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Prize money?

05-20-2007, 05:42 PM
Hello, just have a question: Does anyone know how the prize money are awarded in this event?

05-20-2007, 06:39 PM
The 2007 ATP Official RulebookB. Prize Money

1) Breakdown

a) Team Prize Money will be as follows:
Winning Team first place 290,000 €
Finalist Team second place 190,000 €
2nd in Group per team 85,000 €
3rd in Group per team 57,500 €
4th in Group per team 32,500 €

b) Player Doubles Bonus Money (for each player) will be as follows:
Player winning most total doubles matches 12,000 €
Player winning 2nd place 10,000 €
Player winning 3rd place 7,000 €
Player winning 4th place 4,000 €
Player winning 5th place 2,000 €
Player winning 6th place 1,000 €
i) The Player Doubles Bonus shall be awarded to the players who have won the most doubles matches with the priority given to the most matches played in the case of a tie. For example, 3 wins/0 losses; 2 wins/1 loss; 2 wins/0 losses; 1 win/2 losses; 1 win/1 loss; 1 win/0 loss.
ii) Ties shall be broken in the same manner as team ties. In the case of the players still being tied, the prize money between these players shall be divided equally.

c) Doubles Final Match Prize Money. The doubles team winning the match in the final shall receive an additional 10,000 € (5,000 € per player).

2) Team Prize Money Distribution.
The Team Prize Money Distribution Formula shall be used if the two (2) team members that qualify the team cannot agree on their own breakdown. The year-end ATP Race positions shall be used for the following formulas:

a) Third player of the team who is on-site will receive:
30% of total team prize money if positioned 1-10
25% of total team prize money if positioned 11-25
20% of total team prize money if positioned 26-50
15% of total team prize money if positioned 51-100
10% of total team prize money if positioned 101+

b) The top two (2) players will divide the remainder of the total team prize money as follows:
Difference in Positions--First Player--Second Player
Less than 6--50%--50%
6 to 10--55%--45%
11 to 25--60%--40%
26 to 50--70%--30%
More than 50--80%--20%

c) If a fourth player and/or fifth player is/are included on the team, then every player should give the same percentage of prize money to such player as determined by the tournament committee.

3) Travel.

a) Each nominated team captain present on-site shall be paid 3,000 €.

b) The two finalist captains shall receive 4,000 € each.

4) Tax.
Players and Captains shall be subject to income tax deductions excluding VAT, which shall be paid by the tournament.

05-20-2007, 07:37 PM
Thanks for the info. I knew there was a lot of money involved but did not realise the breakdown. Interesting.

05-21-2007, 06:56 AM
Thanks alot