Sports illustrated fans compare Fed to Tiger

05-08-2007, 08:47 PM
yes its been done to death but have any of you been swayed by any of the readers letters?

''Who's the most dominant in their sport? Not sure. Who's the superior athlete -- no question -- Federer. Bottom line -- if you don't sweat, it ain't a sport!''

"The answer is pretty simple. Just look at Rafael Nadal, Federer's archrival, and his high level of fitness and sculpted arms, and compare him to Phil Mickelson, Woods's archrival, with his puffy face and man-breasts."

"It is far more difficult to win consistently at golf, than it is at tennis. No one can make a valid argument against this point. Tiger Woods success at golf is far more improbable, and therefore more compelling than Roger Federer's at tennis."

"The difference between a "major" and a routine tournament is dramatically greater in tennis than in golf. To win 21 sets over 2 weeks, when everyone that you play has nothing to lose, is a Herculean task. Tiger never has to worry about how his competition is adjusting their games to take him out. The mental and physical stamina required to win a tennis major is not even closely comparable to golf."

"The only way to settle this is for Tiger to play Roger at tennis and Tiger to play Roger at golf. I would bet Tiger would fair better at tennis than Roger would at golf. I bet Tiger could eventually return Roger's serve, but Roger wouldn't be able to hit the golf ball past the lady's tee box."

"Roger only has to beat seven players in a major to win the title. In golf, you have to beat the other 144 in the field. Anyone who plays golf knows how difficult it is to win a tournament. Tiger has won six straight tournaments in a row twice. I have to give the edge to Tiger for now."

"Golf... the ball sits still and unmoving like a deer in the headlights. Tennis... the ball darts through the court like a falcon diving on a rabbit. How can you compare the two sports?"

"In my opinion, Federer dominates tennis because of weak competitors. Tiger is truly more dominant because every tournament he enters, there are at least five guys who could beat him. Yet, somehow, he always find a way to win."

"Yes, golf is a hard sport to dominate, but you have four days. You can have two average or lousy rounds and still play out of your mind on Day 3 and 4 and win. Tennis, you have to be on your game every single match against every single opponent."

"Tiger has won the career grand slam, not once, but twice, and if he wins another U.S. Open, he will have done it three times. He's also won four majors in a row. If Roger wins the French Open, then you may have a good debate of who's the most dominant."

"If golf were more match play, Tiger would not have nearly the number of wins. If tennis were best match over the weekend, Roger would have won every event he entered for the last several years."

"What I'm tired of is people who talk about 80-year old guys playing golf. Guess what, old guys play tennis too. To say that golf is not a sport because people who aren't traditional athletes play, and play it well, is extremely ignorant."

"Tennis, at the pro singles level, is the most demanding sport on the planet. There are more dangerous sports (downhill skiing, car racing) but this is it baby: super skill, super stamina, intelligence & mental toughness. Roger rules." "I know plenty of tennis players who easily become decent golfers. I know very few golfers who don't look uncoordinated on a tennis court."

"Tiger Woods never gets his heart rate into the 140 bpm range. Federer does, so Federer gets my vote.... Tiger Woods plays a glorified game, while Federer plays a sport, don't get the two confused."

"Yes Tiger is an athlete. In what other sport do you have to walk 16 miles (4 rounds at 6,900 yards avg.), compete not only against the other competitors but also against the weather, fans and course, and need the ability to hit an 8-iron fade 200 yards to within 2 feet of the cup?"

"Stop calling golf a sport. Will you? Golf is a game like monopoly, whereas tennis is a sport like soccer. Once again, for the benefit of those who do not understand the difference: run/jump/swim/get tired -- is SPORT; whereas roll/dice/shuffle a deck of cards/count money in Monopoly/swing a club and walk leisurely smoking a cigar while someone else carries your clubs -- is GAME. So now let's talk about who was/is more dominant Roger or Michael Jordan? Now that's a comparison "SPORT vs. SPORT." Enough said."